Doretta Lau

Beautiful Way

The fourth Art HK

May 2011 HONG KONG

IT WAS A STORMY START for Hong Kong art week. Just as I left the house for all of Monday night’s gallery happenings, it began to rain. But inclement weather didn’t stop dozens of other art lovers from traveling to the week’s kickoff shows—Wang… READ ON


Wilson Shieh

February 2011

Hong Kong artist Wilson Shieh’s latest exhibition, “Mortal Coil,” is an examination of celebrity, power, pop culture, and history. In the fourteen works shown here, rendered in colored pencil on cardboard and various types of paper, it is … READ ON


Ellie Ga

December 2010

The Arctic landscape, though barren and disorientating, proves to be a fertile ground for New York artist Ellie Ga. Her solo exhibition “At the Beginning North was Here” is divided into three chapters, with the works drawing upon Ga’s experience… READ ON


Edward Burtynsky

October 2010

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong offers works made between 1985 and 2008. His longtime preoccupation with the effect that industrial operations have on the earth is apparent: The large-scale photographs… READ ON


“Spectral Evidence”

August 2010

“Spectral Evidence,” the first of two exhibitions curated by Steven Lam at 1a Space, features works by Lin + Lam, Sreshta Rit Premnath, and Simon Leung. The pieces in the exhibition use the media, materials, and language of documentation to… READ ON


Candida Höfer

June 2010

Hong Kong’s buildings, nearly all built in the past hundred years, form a sharp contrast to Italy’s architecture, as seen in Candida Höfer’s series of eight photographs,“In Italy, Naples, and Florence,” 2007–2009. The Pedder Building—site of… READ ON


A Fair to Remember

The third Hong Kong Art Fair

June 2010 HONG KONG

LAST MONDAY, shortly before the vernissage of the third annual Hong Kong Art Fair, the city’s government inaugurated the first-ever Hong Kong Art Week. That night, Ben Brown Fine Arts held an opening for Candida Höfer’s stately exhibition … READ ON


Natvar Bhavsar

March 2010

Natvar Bhavsar continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with pure color pigment in his solo exhibition “Rang,” which consists of twenty-two paintings created during a twenty-year span, with many made in the past two years. Each … READ ON


“A Blow to the Everyday”

October 2009

For “A Blow to the Everyday,” curator Yuko Hasegawa presents several works that transmute ordinary aspects of urban life. Japanese artists Kenichi Hagihara, Meiro Koizumi, Ayako Okubo, Yukihiro Taguchi, and Shiro Takatani and collectives … READ ON


Shahzia Sikander

September 2009

“The pursuit of detail––not the decorative kind but of the nano––is an engagement with time,” Shahzia Sikander notes in an interview with Fereshteh Daftari. For Sikander’s first solo exhibition in China, titled “Authority as Approximation,”… READ ON