Elvia Wilk

“An Ear, Severed, Listens”


March 2017

In the gallery’s first exhibition since the partnering of Jennifer Chert and Florian Lüdde, this poetic and comedic show reflects on the human body. Featuring work by ten artists, “An Ear, Severed, Listens” also smartly takes into account … READ ON


Mayo Thompson

Galerie Buchholz | Berlin

November 2016

Mayo Thompson has spent more than forty years making music in and around the art world. He’s best known for producing over twenty albums with a panoply of artistic collaborators, usually under the name of his band, Red Krayola (formerly Red… READ ON


Katharina Marszewski


November 2016

Contrary to its title, Katharina Marszewski’s exhibition “Unnecessary Warsaw Correspondent” makes a case for the artist as necessary witness—not only to historic events such as wars but also to everyday life. Born in Warsaw and raised in … READ ON


“Anime Architecture”

Tchoban Foundation - The Museum for Architectural Drawing

August 2016

The implicit main character in urban science-fiction narratives is always the city itself—architecture plays an integral and active part in shaping the story. This becomes abundantly clear in an exhibition of original background drawings from… READ ON