Emily Weiner

Timothy Hull

Fitzroy Gallery

April 2014

In “Pastiche Cicero,” artist Timothy Hull nods to overlooked and off-the-cuff art of the ancient world, sourcing graffiti found at the Athenian Agora and in Pompeii as imagery for his cheeky, archeologically themed paintings and wall … READ ON


Christian Holstad

Andrew Kreps Gallery

June 2013

“The Book of Hours,” the title of Christian Holstad’s debut at Andrew Kreps’s new location, is painted across the gallery’s front doors, a cue to visitors that they are stepping into an allegorical space—a loose, modern take on the eponymous… READ ON


Michael Byron and Stacy Fisher

Regina Rex

November 2012

How do conventions in the history of art exhibition persist—or, alternately, break down—when familiar images are reproduced and reframed in a canvas, or common objects repositioned and rejigged upon a pedestal? In “The Study,” a show of … READ ON


“Light and Landscape”

Storm King Art Center

August 2012

Storm King, the Hudson Valley’s longtime mecca of outdoor steel-and-stone sculpture, gets a contemporary boost this summer, as associate curator Nora Lawrence brings in works by fourteen artists, all of whom bring a conceptual approach to … READ ON


Paul Heyer and Virginia Poundstone

Rachel Uffner Gallery

February 2012

Painting and sculpture make peaceful bedfellows in this exhibition by two artists whose works, while formally dissimilar, mirror a taste for bucolic and understated beauty. The show’s title, “I know that I am awake,” is lifted from author … READ ON


“My Winnipeg”

September 2011

Manitoba’s wintry capital invades summertime Paris for this show, the first in La Maison Rouge’s series focusing on art scenes worldwide. Assembling work by seventy regional artists, the exhibition has avoided the tedium of an overhung survey… READ ON


Claude Cahun

August 2011

Raising the question “Why isn’t Claude Cahun a household name?,” this retrospective positions the artist (born Lucy Schwob in 1894) at the forefront of Surrealist photography, neck and neck with her contemporaries André Breton and Man Ray. … READ ON


Charles LeDray

January 2011

While Paul Thek’s revivalist survey commands the Whitney’s fourth floor, Charles LeDray’s midcareer retrospective just downstairs evokes a more intimate (but no less worthy) sort of reverence. Displaying numerous handmade works from, bafflingly,… READ ON


Andra Ursuta

September 2010

Romanian-born, New York–based artist Andra Ursuta cheekily confronts her cultural identity in the exhibition “The Management of Barbarism.” The first piece encountered on entering the show is a pile comprising thousands of eggshells painted… READ ON


Jacco Olivier

March 2010

Dutch artist Jacco Olivier’s latest exhibition melds conventional gestures of painting with video animation to bewitching effect. On view in the gallery’s darkened front room are four wall projections (each under four minutes long), composed… READ ON