Eugenio Viola

Mirosław Bałka

September 2017

Concurrently with Mirosław Bałka’s first retrospective in Italy at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan, the artist had his fourth solo exhibition at Galleria Raffaella Cortese. The show—spread over the gallery’s three exhibition spaces—was conceived… READ ON

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Marisa Albanese

January 2017

Marisa Albanese’s second exhibition at Studio Trisorio was a bitter reflection on the theme of the voyage, from the mythical underpinnings of Mediterranean history and culture to the modern world with all its wounds and contradictions. Visitors… READ ON

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Sergio Vega

December 2016

For his third solo exhibition at Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Sergio Vega created a complex network of incongruous elements that was already suggested by the show’s title: “Shamanic Modernism: Parrots, Bossanova and Architecture.” The gallery… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2016 [TOC]

Ann Veronica Janssens

September 2016

Employing a range of materials that are carefully chosen to investigate the cognitive processes tied to the sensory experience of reality, Ann Veronica Janssens creates installations that are radically minimal yet exuberantly expressive. The… READ ON

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Daniel Knorr

January 2016

The ironic title of Daniel Knorr’s third solo show at Galleria Fonti, “Veni Vidi Napoli” (I Came I Saw Napoli), might well imply that not all battles are swiftly won. The Romanian-born Berlin-based artist works in mixed media (photography, … READ ON

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Lina Selander

November 2015

Lina Selander’s first exhibition at Galleria Tiziana Di Caro comprised three video installations from the same series with which she is currently representing Sweden at the Fifty-Sixth Venice Biennale. These works, from “Excavation of the … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2015 [TOC]

Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille

October 2015

Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille have long sought to redefine painting’s status by wedding the deconstruction of the medium’s linguistic systems with hyperrealistic representation. Via strategies of displacement, ironic reversal, and stylistic… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2015 [TOC]

Tobias Zielony

June 2015

Tobias Zielony’s investigation of reality encourages multiple interpretations. The Berlin-based artist’s presentation of eight videos in “Dream Lovers. The Films 2008–2014” allowed those who are familiar with his photographic work to appreciate… READ ON

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Francesco Vezzoli

MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

August 2013

Francesco Vezzoli as Christological triune: Indeed, there are three museums (MAXXI in Rome, MoMA PS1 in New York, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) that will host the artist’s complex project, “The Trinity,” over the next year. … READ ON


“Emergency Pavilion: Rebuilding Utopia”

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove

July 2013

Does utopia have a place in the twenty-first century? Does it make sense today to speak about an ideal world? Is the utopian impulse is limited to artists and those who still have some poetic legitimacy in a world characterized by a predilection… READ ON