Fred A. Bernstein

Jon Jerde (1940–2015)

Fred A. Bernstein on Jon Jerde (1940–2015)

March 2015

RAY BRADBURY, the science-fiction writer, lived most of his life in Los Angeles but never learned to drive. No wonder he wrote essays lamenting the lack of a town center. In 1970 Jon Jerde, a Los Angeles architect, read an article in which … READ ON


Madeline Gins (1941–2014)

Fred Bernstein on Madeline Gins (1941–2014)

March 2014

“IT’S IMMORAL THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE,” Madeline Gins told me when we met, in 2008. The setting was the “Lifespan Extending Villa,” a sprawling house on Long Island where floors were shaped like sand dunes; where walls were painted forty … READ ON