Gemma Tipton

Maria Farrar

Mother's Tankstation

June 2017

There’s a school of painting that is easy to like: representational, with an edge of abstraction in the gestures, and frequently colorful with a touch of the fey. Yet this type of painting is very hard to do well—to make something both pretty… READ ON


Daphne Wright

Royal Hibernian Academy

February 2017

There is a satisfying frisson—aesthetic, emotional—that rests between the beautiful and the repellent. From a distance, Daphne Wright’s Stallion, 2009, is a glorious thoroughbred, rolling on the ground with abandon. Come closer and see that… READ ON


Barbara Knezevic

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

December 2016

Three tall Perspex plinths are filled to varying heights with dark earth, from which grow robust green fronds of Monstera deliciosa, also known as the hurricane plant. They are like columns, punctuating sites of action or defining the edges… READ ON


Kathy Prendergast

Kerlin Gallery

November 2016

Kathy Prendergast has long made a practice of maps. From her 1983 series of watercolors “Body Maps,” which conflated cartography with the female body, to her delicate “City Drawings,” 1992, which won her the Premio Duemila at the 1995 Venice… READ ON


Alan Phelan

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

August 2016

As Ireland marks the centennial of the 1916 Easter Rising—the failed revolution that, nevertheless, defined the independent Republic—arts programming throughout the state is exploring that event’s various legacies. One of the most thought-provoking… READ ON


“A Weed is a Plant Out of Place”

Lismore Castle Arts

August 2016

The curator of this group exhibition, Allegra Pesenti, is a specialist in drawing. This is readily apparent with the seventeen artists she’s selected, who offer up a range of works in varying degrees of subtlety and delicacy. Michael Landy’s… READ ON


Brian Duggan

Project Arts Centre

July 2016

In the midst of the carnage of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated eastern Japan in 2011, the Ryou-Un Maru fishing boat was swept out to sea: one more casualty of a catastrophic event in which almost 18,500 people died or went… READ ON


Grace Weir

Irish Museum of Modern Art

January 2016

In Grace Weir’s Footnote: If only something else had happened, 2011, two sets of headphones are anchored to a stone. The audio track is an interview between the artist and cognitive scientist Ruth Byrne. “In constructing our alternatives to… READ ON


“The Future is Self-Organized”

Limerick City Gallery of Art

December 2015

Exhibition fliers and newspaper clippings cover the walls of the Limerick City Gallery of Art, as if it has been turned into a fully papered box office—on a grand scale. Looking closer, one discovers that these ephemera span two decades of … READ ON


Amanda Coogan

Royal Hibernian Academy

September 2015

A mesmerizing presence, Amanda Coogan commands her space during her performances: a considerable feat, as twelve dramatic spotlit installations share the gallery. Each is a costume of sorts—the residue of past performances. On opening night,… READ ON