Genevieve Yue

Nested Forms

Genevieve Yue at the 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam

February 2013

THE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM has long provided an outlet for short, experimental, or just plain eccentric filmmaking, and in recent years it’s gathered these less classifiable films into a single venue (Lantaren/Venster) and … READ ON


Brian Bress

Cherry and Martin

January 2012

Slowed to near stillness, the eight video portraits on view in Brian Bress’s latest exhibition, “Under Performing,” show their subjects in various states of physical duress. In Beadman (Parker), 2012, a figure decked in thousands of tiny … READ ON


Pop Up Video

Genevieve Yue on Michael Robinson

March 2011

MICHAEL ROBINSON’S dyspeptic pop concoctions can be unsettling. The first time I saw Light Is Waiting (2007)—a hallucinatory edit, incorporating stroboscopic and mirror effects, of clips from the television series Full House—more than a few… READ ON