Gökcan Demirkazık

Jasmina Cibic

Acikekran Yeni Medya Sanatları Galerisi

October 2017

Jasmina Cibic’s work resembles a private eye’s attempt to re-create a crime scene in order to arrive at its punctum—a tell-all feature that pricks in the Barthesian fashion. To this end, she does not actually blend fact and fiction but instead… READ ON


“Singular/Plural: Collaborations in the Post-Pop-Polit-Arena”

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

September 2017

Sigmar Polke was once a beautiful mermaid with a tail made of snakeskin-patterned fabric. In a photograph by Bernd Jansen from 1973, this iconic figure of postwar German art is seen sprawled across a floral carpet in a gentle curve that … READ ON


Raymond Pettibon

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

July 2017

Raymond Pettibon has a habit of painting large murals for his solo shows, and this one is no exception. Organized by the same curators who put together the artist’s retrospective at the New Museum earlier this year, this exhibition opens with… READ ON


Hera Büyüktaşçıyan

Green Art Gallery

April 2017

Writing on marble is not easy, but the title of Hera Büyüktaşçıyan’s latest solo exhibition, “Write Injuries on Sand and Kindness in Marble”—a proverb found in many cultures, including Gulf countries and France—seemingly ignores this fact. … READ ON



April 2017

Sarkis deals with signs of living and living signs. It is not unusual to hear that his light boxes are kept lit beyond an exhibition’s opening hours, or that he agonized over a brief planned power cut for the maintenance of Respiro, his … READ ON

IN PRINT April 2017 [TOC]

On the Ground: Istanbul

December 2016

NOT LONG AFTER FIGHTER JETS BEGAN DROPPING SONIC BOMBS, I decided to go to bed. It wasn’t my apartment.  On July 15, 2016 the night of Turkey’s attempted coup d’état, I was at a friend’s house party in Galata. From the building’s terrace, … READ ON


Yasemin Özcan


October 2016

“Dead-End of Bliss,” Yasemin Özcan’s first solo presentation at this gallery, is an object-theater of sorts that funnels mostly domestic objects into a Duchampian freeze, transforming their homely associations into uncanny proposals for … READ ON


Eva Nielsen

The Pill

June 2016

In his book Berlin Childhood Around 1900 (1950), Walter Benjamin recounts loggias from his childhood as places where “space and time come into their own and find each other.” The liminal space that these loggias occupy in Benjamin’s mind seem… READ ON


“Produce 3: The Game Settled into a Cagey Midfield Match”

Spot Production Fund

May 2016

Taking its original name in Turkish—“Domates Biber Patlıcan,” meaning “Tomato Pepper Eggplant”—from an iconic reggae-inspired song popular in Turkey in the 1980s, this biennial’s third iteration, curated by Zeynep Öz, seems more ambitious … READ ON


“Till It’s Gone”

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

April 2016

An apple, then two, three, five—the fruit on Mario Merz’s Spiral Table, 1989, is piled up in neat groups as a reference to the Fibonacci spiral, an additive sequence thought to be present in many natural life forms. Indeed, while the catalogue… READ ON