Graham Fuller

Material Girl

Graham Fuller on Claire Denis’s White Material

November 2010

DREAMY AND ELLIPTICAL in its fractured timeline and visual lyricism, yet so searing and bloody that it’s indelible, Claire Denis’s White Material (2009) hinges on the central conflict of its beleaguered protagonist Maria Vial (Isabelle Huppert,… READ ON


Double Fantasy

Graham Fuller on Nowhere Boy and LENNONYC

October 2010

TWO NEW FILMS bookending the life of John Lennon, who would have turned seventy on October 9, elide his momentous trajectory through the 1960s. Although Nowhere Boy (2009), a fictional movie directed by the artist Sam Taylor-Wood, shows how… READ ON


Fire Starter

Graham Fuller on Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno

July 2010

THE DAZZLING DOCUMENTARY Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno was conceived when the film preservationist Serge Bromberg was stuck in an elevator for two hours with Inès Clouzot, widow of the legendary French auteur (Le Corbeau, Wages of Fear, … READ ON


Guilt Complex

Graham Fuller on Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Süss

March 2010

VEIT HARLAN’S HYSTERICAL COSTUME MELODRAMA Jew Süss, seen by twenty million Germans and twenty million other Europeans on its release in 1940, is widely regarded as the most virulently anti-Semitic of the films made during the Third Reich. … READ ON


Watch and Learn

Graham Fuller on Peter Greenaway’s Rembrandt’s J’Accuse

October 2009

THE ROCK BAND King Crimson once wrote a lovely, lilting song, inspired by and named after Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, that celebrated “the worthy captain and his squad of troopers standing fast,” “the burghers good and true,” and “Dutch … READ ON


Crime and Punishment

Graham Fuller on Carol Reed’s Odd Man Out

September 2009

PERHAPS BECAUSE IT GOES AGAINST genre expectations, Carol Reed’s Odd Man Out (1947), which crowns Film Forum’s Brit-noir season, is less often revived than Reed’s The Third Man (1949). Lacking the menace and harshness of most postwar British… READ ON


Brothers Grim

Graham Fuller on the Dardenne brothers’ Lorna’s Silence

July 2009

NO OTHER FILMMAKERS put pressure on the underprivileged young of mainland Europe as consistently as Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Among their works, La Promesse (1996), Rosetta (1999), and L’Enfant (2005) variously trace the steps of a … READ ON


Bitter Candy

Graham Fuller on Brighton Rock

June 2009

THE TITLE OF THE SUPERB British thriller Brighton Rock (1948) derives from a long, hard, sticky pink candy. With the word BRIGHTON imprinted across its length, the confection is a kind of civic talisman sold at the seafront of the southern … READ ON


Julian Schnabel's Before Night Falls

January 2001

Julian Schnabel’s decision to follow his elliptical 1996 biopic of Jean-Michel Basquiat with a film about Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas might intimate a morbid allegiance to the cult of the dead artist. But beyond vague structural similarities… READ ON

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