Hili Perlson

Daniel Laufer

Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof

January 2015

In a large hall, Train of Thought, 2014, is projected on two large screens facing each other so that the work engulfs the viewer standing in between. In certain moments, images on the two screens mirror or complement each other: A train … READ ON


Hili Perlson

December 2014

AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING DRAMATIC, 2014 was nearly marked by a personal crisis of faith in art, as too many exhibitions pertained to trends I couldn’t get excited about. If artistic production addresses a contemporaneous condition, am I wrong… READ ON


Bernd Ribbeck

December 2014

When Joanna Kamm announced, in July, that her gallery would close at the end of September, an exhibition by German painter Bernd Ribbeck—his fourth with Kamm—had already been slotted for that month. A September show coincides with important… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2014 [TOC]

Suddenly Next Summit

The 6th Creative Time Summit in Stockholm

November 2014 STOCKHOLM

“ARTISTS ARE NOT PERIPHERAL to our daily lives, but central,” said Creative Time artistic director Anne Pasternak, speaking from a multicolored, inflatable podium, one of three playful props situated around the stage of Stockholm’s Kulturhuset.… READ ON


Andro Wekua

Monika Sprüth / Philomene Magers

October 2014

For his debut exhibition at this gallery, Andro Wekua has blocked the street-facing windows of the gallery with a wall of cinder blocks. Inside, bubble-gum-pink carpeting casts a soft glow onto the surroundings while Untitled, 2014, a lifelike,… READ ON


Fiona Rae

Buchmann Galerie | Berlin

October 2014

Fiona Rae’s latest exhibition brings together three series of charcoal-on-paper drawings. All produced in 2014, they follow the turn Rae has taken in her paintings this year. The artist has left behind the distinctive style of canvases laden… READ ON


Van Hanos

Tanya Leighton

September 2014

In his first exhibition in Germany, Van Hanos poses the question of what can painting be today? His answer is spread across six canvases, each easily shifting between Photorealism, Impressionism, Pre-Raphaelite abundance, or, as in Kids at … READ ON


Bunny Rogers


August 2014

In her latest exhibition, “Columbine Library,” Bunny Rogers refers to the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Dark subjects aren’t new for Rogers: Themes such as lost innocence, angst at the end of childhood, and … READ ON


“Wanton Mobility”


July 2014

In this Anthropocene age marked by discoveries of “plastiglomerates”—composites of molten plastic trapped in Arctic ice, rock formations, or floating in the oceans like islands of toxic goo—a young generation of artists is renegotiating … READ ON


Will Benedict

Balice Hertling | Paris

June 2014

Will Benedict’s two-dimensional work became known for his use of a picture-in-a-picture ploy, reminiscent of over-the-shoulder digital graphics used in nightly newscasts. The artist mounts his main canvases on foamcore panels, paints their … READ ON