Himali Singh Soin


Himali Singh Soin on Nikhil Chopra's Drawing a Line Through Landscape, Documenta 14

September 2017

THE NOMADIC TRAVELER encounters simultaneous solitude and community: I blurs with we, as does here with there, then with now. During a long journey, the sense of settlement itself paradoxically becomes portable. Such was the case, at least,… READ ON

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Isaac Julien

September 2017

When astronomers in fifth-century India conceptualized the zero, they gave the idea of nothing a figurative reality. When negative numbers were conceived in China circa 200 BCE, for the first time a presence could be made of an absence. At … READ ON

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Faivovich & Goldberg

June 2017

In the vast and various field that is the debate about appropriation, histories are unearthed and identities bear fruit. What happens then, when an artist proposes to co-opt massive rocks that have fallen from the sky, unseen and unrecorded?… READ ON

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James Bridle’s Cloud Index


January 2017

ALMOST TWO DECADES into the twenty-first century, we still haven’t found a language for the amorphous streams of data that constitute the internet; faced with the seemingly infinite complexity of information, we resort to vague abstractions… READ ON

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Kochi-Muziris Biennale

September 2016

Curated by Sudarshan Shetty Set in a British-built heritage building on the sea, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale is the leading international exhibition of contemporary art in India. This third edition runs for exactly 108 days—a sacred and vital… READ ON


“Krishna in the Garden of Assam”

The British Museum

June 2016

At the very end of a dimly lit room full of phantasmagoric antique textiles and artifacts from northeastern India is a video titled Invocation, 2015. It is trancelike and dreamily romantic; a subjective collection of images from the natural… READ ON


“Diary Entries”

June 2016

From Virginia Woolf to Anne Frank, Sophia Tolstoy to Anaïs Nin, in the twentieth century the diary was established as a woman’s respite: a blank receptacle of expression, bound by no manner of speech or society, only by its own spine. Later,… READ ON

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Maria Eichhorn

Maria Eichhorn talks about her solo exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery

April 2016

Maria Eichhorn makes exceptionally subtle works—minuscule gestures with magnificent reach, and consequences—that highlight the limits of institutions, and perhaps even art itself. Here, the artist discusses the preparation involved for her… READ ON


Dennis Morris

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

April 2016

With the opening of Dennis Morris’s “PiL - First Issue to Metal Box,” an exhibition of the designer’s work for Public Image Ltd’s first two albums, the museum also celebrated forty years of punk, with performances by a slew of DJs and the … READ ON


Heather Phillipson

Whitechapel Gallery

March 2016

Heather Phillipson’s installation more flinching, 2015, doesn’t feature the usual buoyancy and explosions of bright color for which the artist is best known. Here we encounter a fragmented story by a grieving, paranoid narrator—available in… READ ON