Hunter Braithwaite

Nate Lowman

Dallas Contemporary

May 2015

When America sneezes, the world catches cold. In this show of five new bodies of painting and sculpture by Nate Lowman, that cliché of superpower economics summons the spirit of the American working class. For instance, front and center is … READ ON


Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery

March 2013

“Drywood,” the title of this exhibition, refers to Cryptotermes brevis, a termite that can survive with barely any water, relying on six rectal glands to retain all moisture from digested matter. Endemic in Florida, it is an apt symbol in … READ ON


Ohad Meromi

Gallery Diet

December 2012

The title of this densely packed exhibition comes from the first volume of Das Kapital, where Marx likens the factory to a stage, and the workers to players. The conflation of pleasure and production that this analogy represents gives form … READ ON


Theaster Gates

Locust Projects

November 2012

“Soul Manufacturing Corporation” is both the title of Theaster Gates’s latest exhibition and the name of a cottage industry he recently started, currently staffed by three master potters—Matthew Dercole and Pei-Hsuan Wang of Chicago, and Yoko… READ ON


“Practices Remain”

Norwegian Wood Building

March 2012

“Practices Remain” features work by thirteen Miami-based artists who critique the act of artmaking and the finished object, complicating the interdependence of both. The provisional truce these artists sometimes arrive at takes several forms;… READ ON


Paul Cowan

Michael Jon Gallery

February 2012

As a regional counterposition to the aesthetic lingua franca, vernacular painting is often populist to a fault. However, with the transatlantic popularity of Cologne-style “bad” painting, the distinction between local and global has been … READ ON


Fernando Mastrangelo


January 2012

Fernando Mastrangelo has spent the past few years condensing powders into bricks of social critique. He pressed corn meal pressed into an Aztec calendar criticizing NAFTA. Human ash became MS-13 gang tattoos in a blend of violence and religious… READ ON


Blake Rayne

December 2011

As if there wasn’t enough art to buy at Art Basel Miami Beach, this year’s edition marked an unprecedented move into retail. While several artists teamed up with luxury brands for limited edition purses (Anselm Reyle with Dior, Liam Gillick… READ ON


Laurent Grasso

December 2011

Lately, the Bass Museum of Art has been asking contemporary artists to produce exhibitions that incorporate the museum’s collection of Renaissance and Baroque art. In this iteration, “Portrait of a Young Man,” Laurent Grasso has taken up … READ ON


Naomi Fisher

Naomi Fisher discusses her work at Vizcaya

November 2011

Naomi Fisher’s latest video and installation, Jungle Sweat, Roseate, is a site-specific work commissioned by the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami as part of its Contemporary Arts Project (CAP). Here Fisher discusses the show, which is on… READ ON