Ian Wallace

James Lee Byars


August 2014

This retrospective, which takes over the second floor of PS1, reveals James Lee Byars as a peripatetic showman whose work engaged some of the most compelling artistic questions of his time. Included in his variegated oeuvre is a collection … READ ON


Park McArthur

Essex Street

February 2014

For her second exhibition at this space, Park McArthur has laid out an arrangement of twenty wheelchair ramps on the gallery floor, from the weatherworn and homemade to the high tech and telescoping. Vinyl lettering on the wall points visitors… READ ON


David Malek

Martos Gallery

November 2013

Each painting in David Malek’s latest exhibition is composed of enamel in two colors applied with either a roller or a brush. These limitations in palette and texture echo familiar strategies of painting from the last century, but Malek also… READ ON


“The Vienna Model”

July 2013

Curated by founding editor of New York–based The Architect’s Newspaper, William Menking, along with the head of Vienna’s Department of Housing Research, Wolfgang Förster, “The Vienna Model” consists of thirty-six case studies of Gemeindebauten… READ ON


Philip Guston

McKee Gallery

April 2013

This year marks the centennial of the late painter Philip Guston and the forty-third anniversary of his alienating midcareer exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery, which prompted New York Times critic Hilton Kramer to proclaim the artist “a… READ ON


Peter Nadin

The Horticultural Society of New York

January 2013

This exhibition of thirteen paintings and a short film is upstate New York artist Peter Nadin’s first solo exhibition since his 2011 showing at Gavin Brown, which marked the artist’s return to the New York art world after nearly a decade of… READ ON



The Artists’ Artists

December 2011

To take stock of the past year, Artforum contacted an international group of artists to find out which exhibitions and events were, in their eyes, the very best of 2011.  ERICKA BECKMAN  Mary Reid Kelley, Sadie the Saddest Sadist (Armory … READ ON

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