Ilaria Gianni

Gina Folly


October 2015

When entering Ermes-Ermes’s premises, the audience is immediately aware that the show isn’t set in an ordinary gallery but instead in the gallerist’s private residence. Artist Gina Folly responds to the venue by questioning the boundary … READ ON


Piero Golia

Gagosian Gallery | Rome

July 2015

Highly conceptual and provocative, with a particular penchant for mischief and irony, Piero Golia’s work always ends up making a strong statement. It’s fitting that in a city famous for the monument par excellence, visitors to “Piero Golia:… READ ON


Gianni Politi

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

November 2014

For “Tra queste sale (Malandrino)” (Among These Halls [Rascal]), curated by Paola Ugolini, Gianni Politi’s works are exhibited in close dialogue with this museum’s nineteenth-century collection of Italian art including paintings and sculptures… READ ON


Shannon Ebner

Fondazione Memmo - Arte Contemporanea

May 2014

The Grande Raccordo Anulare (Great Ring Junction) has surrounded Rome’s urban area since 1979. Despite being a crucial roadway to the city, it has never attracted attention for its aesthetics or sociological function. Recently, not only did… READ ON


Kathryn Andrews and Alex Israel

Gagosian Gallery | Rome

March 2014

Entering Gagosian Gallery’s Roman gallery, visitors are welcomed by what seems to be a deserted room of the Dolby Theatre days before the Academy Awards. A wrapped red carpet is positioned in the middle of the gallery’s antechamber, an Oscar… READ ON


Ian Tweedy

Monitor | Rome

January 2014

“My Neighbors the von Stauffenbergs,” Ian Tweedy’s solo show at Monitor, deals with the traditional genres of history painting and portraiture. The exhibition paints a picture of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (who famously failed to assassinate… READ ON


“Inevitable Figuration”

Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci

June 2013

“Inevitable Figuration” gathers the work of eighteen artists to explore strategies of representation and narration in painting today. Divided into nine thematic sections, the exhibition traces the dichotomy between figuration and abstraction,… READ ON


Nathaniel Mellors


January 2013

Nathaniel Mellors’s second solo show presents three distinct but related groups of work. The focal element in the exhibition is the recent video The Saprophage, 2012. Shot using an iPhone camera and developed with the artist’s long-term … READ ON


“Scott Burton”

Giuliani Foundation

July 2012

This project-cum-exhibition, curated by Oscar Tuazon, offers a journey through his artistic research. Gathering a diverse group of influential artists—who, akin to Tuazon, blur lines between the utilitarian and the sculptural—the show elucidates… READ ON


Ariel Orozco

Federica Schiavo Gallery

March 2012

A precarious installation of a gray Faber-Castell colored pencil balancing on its tip on a corner of this gallery’s reception desk introduces the viewer to Ariel Orozco’s “Detrás del cristal” (Behind the Crystal). Seized in place, Gris (Gray)… READ ON