James Eischen

Roger Ballen

Palm Springs Art Museum

July 2013

Roger Ballen spent the 1970s documenting the behavior of boys in foreign societies, yet in recent years the Johannesburg-based artist has worked as a miner and has garnered acclaim for capturing the lunacy inherent in penurious oppression. … READ ON


Scoli Acosta

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Downtown

May 2013

“ELEMENTALISTHMUS” is a paean to geography. Amalgamating film, percussive instruments, and atmosphere, Scoli Acosta’s audile sculptures depict landscapes of unworldly places. In Field recording (elements), 2012, a media assemblage trails the… READ ON


Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson talks about his retrospective

April 2013

Richard Jackson is an artist based in Sierra Madre, California, whose first retrospective, “Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain” is on view at the Orange County Museum of Art until May 5, 2013. The exhibition will travel to the Museum … READ ON


Xawery Wolski

El Cubo

January 2013

There is a section of Baja California’s US border that is so covered with wooden white crosses that the underlying barricade is practically invisible. Each handcrafted cruciform figure affixed to the iron panels memorializes a missing … READ ON


Héctor Zamora

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

December 2012

One year ago Brazilian architect Héctor Zamora embarked on an Arizona camping trip with the aim of probing a situation he considered paradoxical: the intersection of poverty and militarism in Phoenix, home to one of the nation’s most crestfallen… READ ON


Jack Goldstein

Orange County Museum of Art

August 2012

A rotoscopically animated Olympic diver from Leni Riefenstahl’s 1938 film Olympia is the subject of Jack Goldstein’s iconic silent film The Jump, 1978, which shows three dive sequences: two in slow motion and one at normal film speed. “Jack… READ ON


Lila Jang

Lux Art Institute

February 2012

“Tea Parties Gone Wild” would be an apt alternate title for Lila Jang’s eponymous US solo debut. The ten sculptures here are inspired by Louis XIV–style furniture; when they were shown in Paris in 2009, they made waves and amassed online … READ ON


Cally Spooner

Cally Spooner discusses her recent work

December 2011

Cally Spooner’s latest project involves a new body of writing that she is producing over a period of eight months at International Project Space. Titled Collapsing in Parts, the piece also includes a series of events that act as footnotes to… READ ON


Marcie Begleiter

Marcie Begleiter discusses Meditations: Eva Hesse

September 2010

Meditations: Eva Hesse, a play by Marcie Begleiter based upon the life, art, and writings of the eponymous German artist, premiered at Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles on September 24. Concurrently, the venue is presenting “Permissions,”… READ ON


Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel discusses her work for IMA’s 100 Acres

June 2010

Andrea Zittel has received international acclaim for nearly two decades. Concurrent with exhibitions of her work in Florence at the Palazzo Pitti and Sadie Coles HQ in London, the Joshua Tree, California–based artist recently debuted her … READ ON