James Merle Thomas

“Maria Nordman: Geo-Aesthetics”

May 2013

Curated by Dirk Pauwels Since the late 1960s, Maria Nordman has employed a range of strategies to probe the experiences of co-presence, the construction of meaning, and a corresponding politics of public and private space. This summer, smak… READ ON


James Turrell

January 2013

This continent-spanning presentation befits James Turrell, an artist who addresses spatial, architectural, and geographic context on scales both intimate and vast.… READ ON



James Merle Thomas on an untitled 1979 work by Maria Nordman

October 2011

SOME YEARS AGO, Rosalind Krauss used Frank Stella’s and Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings, respectively, to discern “two different minimalisms,” the latter of which amounted to a Zen-like examination of perception, “an expanding, pulsing awareness… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2011 [TOC]