James Nisbet

Jack Goldstein

December 2015

Exhibiting three of Jack Goldstein’s lesser-known works—his Burning Window installation, 1977/2015, and two sets of text-based Aphorisms (both dated 1982) painted on the gallery wall—this show distilled a tension within Goldstein’s practice… READ ON

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Stan VanDerBeek

February 2015

Comprising eight films from Stan VanDerBeek’s “Poemfield” series, 1965–71, including two versions of Poemfield No. 1, 1967, and more than two dozen of the artist’s works on paper, this exhibition provided a welcome point of access to one of… READ ON

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Michael Moshe Dahan

Michael Moshe Dahan discusses Two Points of Failure

April 2014

Michael Moshe Dahan is an artist and filmmaker based in Southern California. His film Two Points of Failure (2014) was included in the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2014 and will have its North American premiere at the … READ ON


Liz Larner

April 2014

“We all want stability,” Liz Larner once commented, “but it’s forever slipping away from us, even on the most personal level.” Larner’s new series of ceramic sculptures suggests that stability eludes us on the most objective, terrestrial … READ ON

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Barry Le Va

October 2013

Although best known for his sprawling sculptural investigations, Barry Le Va has consistently made works on paper throughout his varied career. During the 1960s and ’70s, these usually took the form of plans for three-dimensional installations;… READ ON

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The Otolith Group

Gallery at REDCAT

May 2013

“What do faults promise?” asks a soft-spoken voice in the Otolith Group’s latest film Medium Earth, 2013. “What assurances do they give when they seek the line of least resistance?” The sole work on display in the London-based group’s first… READ ON


Derek Boshier

May 2013

More than a decade before he was designing album art for David Bowie and the Clash, Derek Boshier was among a vital group of painters reshaping British Pop art during the early 1960s. Coming through the Royal College of Art with an influential… READ ON

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“Ends of the Earth”

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA)

July 2012

In the first major museum exhibition dedicated to Land art, curators Philipp Kaiser and Miwon Kwon deliver a worthy retrospective of the varied media and geographical locations of its formative years. As thematized in the show and elaborated… READ ON


Emilie Halpern

Pepin Moore

January 2012

The key to Emilie Halpern’s second solo exhibition at this gallery turns upon the relationship of what one encounters on the floor to that on the walls. On the floors of two separate downstairs rooms lie two entirely irregular objects: on … READ ON


Judith Bernstein

May 2011

Judith Bernstein paints dirty. Dating from her graduate work at Yale in 1966–67, her canvases in this exhibition, featuring saturated red and yellow slogans protesting the American invasion of Southeast Asia, carry forward a little-explored… READ ON