Jason Anderson

Cyborg Manifesto

Jason Anderson on “Techno/Human: The Films of Mamoru Oshii” at TIFF

July 2014

THERE MAY BE no historical evidence to support the veracity of the strange tale of René Descartes’s robot daughter, but the story remains compelling for anyone who’s ever been troubled by the emotional currents that run between humans and … READ ON


Sensory Overload

Jason Anderson on Wavelengths at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival

September 2013

A GOOD MANY PATRONS rely on the Toronto International Film Festival to provide views of places they may never otherwise see for lack of funds, ambition, or courage. But of all these vicarious journeys set to begin when the festival launches… READ ON


Rebels with a Cause

Jason Anderson on “Rebel Yell: A New Generation of Turkish Women Filmmakers”

August 2013

HARDY CINEPHILES love nothing more than to acknowledge a fresh trend or some heretofore unheralded new wave. But even the most devoted among them may have been slow to recognize the surge of activity represented by a startling series at … READ ON


What’s Up, Doc?

Jason Anderson at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

May 2013

NO SUCCESS STORY comes without some wrinkles. Over the course of its two-decade existence, Hot Docs built a reputation among Toronto festivalgoers as a more audience-friendly alternative to the overwhelming, all-consuming behemoth that is … READ ON


Images Conscious

Jason Anderson on the 26th Images Festival in Toronto

April 2013

GIVEN THAT IT FEATURES a character who may or may not be a half-man/half-horse creature known in Filipino folklore as a tikbalang, Lukas nino (Lukas the Strange) is bound to be one of the more mysterious films to surface this year. It’s all… READ ON


Jem Session

Jason Anderson on Jem Cohen’s We Have an Anchor

December 2012

LIKE SO MANY OF JEM COHEN’S efforts to marry images and sounds since his early collaborations with friends like R.E.M. and Fugazi in the 1980s, We Have an Anchor is as beguiling as it is unclassifiable. Presented at a two-night run at TIFF … READ ON


The Master and Margaritas

Jason Anderson at the Toronto International Film Festival

September 2012

ONE REASON the Toronto International Film Festival has been able to attain such prominence is that it’s been careful not to step on the toes of its biggest rivals. Unlike Cannes, Venice, Berlin, and Sundance, TIFF has no competition beyond … READ ON


Magic Marker

Jason Anderson on the 37th Toronto International Film Festival

September 2012

THOUGH THE EVENT may be better known for the living luminaries it attracts, the most ubiquitous guest at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival may be a ghost. The festival’s thirty-seventh edition pays tribute to the late French … READ ON


At First Sight

Jason Anderson on First Peoples Cinema at TIFF Bell Lightbox

June 2012

THERE WAS A VERY GOOD REASON that it took until the twenty-first century for the Inuit people of Canada’s far north to craft a cinematic epic of their own. In order to make Atanarjuat (2001)—which plays the opening weekend of First Peoples … READ ON


Sweet Sixteen

Jason Anderson on Wavelengths at the Toronto International Film Festival

August 2011

WHETHER HE’S PUTTERING around his storefront studio in Lexington, Virginia, or ordering a turkey sandwich at a local restaurant, Cy Twombly displays a stubborn vitality in a new film portrait by Tacita Dean, made last year during what turned… READ ON