Jenni Sorkin

Made in L.A.

October 2016

OVER THE FOUR YEARS of its existence, Made in L.A. has developed into a reliably exciting biennial—capitalizing on the city’s rapidly expanding coterie of local emerging and midcareer artists. But the biennial’s third edition, on view this … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2016 [TOC]

Elaine Reichek

October 2016

Over the past forty years, Elaine Reichek has employed handworked and digitally stitched embroidery alongside photographic and printmaking techniques to comment upon the endless process of interpretation and the ways in which myths (both … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2016 [TOC]

Elmgreen & Dragset

Victoria and Albert Museum

December 2013

The Nordic duo Elmgreen & Dragset are best known for their fanciful collusions of culture merged with representations of power, such as the mock storefront Marfa Prada, 2005, installed along the highway just outside the Donald Judd boomtown.… READ ON