Jennifer Liese

“Voice: Women in Contemporary Art”

May 2006

If there is an artist who can curate a show and evade viewers’ compulsions to read said show through her own art, Kara Walker is not she. Strange bedfellows—the Hive Archive, a Providence-based feminist art organization founded in 2001, and… READ ON


Cram Session

This year's CAA conference

March 2006 BOSTON

At the 94th annual CAA conference, outgoing executive director Susan Ball, bidding her constituents farewell after twenty years at the helm, injected a bit of suspense into a largely lackluster convocation with a well-timed “odds are my … READ ON


Joseph Beuys

February 2006

Two critics—one in New York, the other in Berlin—were musing recently on the strangely quiet passage of the twentieth anniversary of Joseph Beuys’s death. Shouldn’t these loci of Beuys’s legacy have something occasional to say? In unexpected… READ ON


Brian Chippendale and Jungil Hong

December 2005

It was bittersweet indeed: No sooner had curator Larry Rinder placed Forcefield on the art-world stage at the 2002 Whitney Biennial than Fort Thunder, storied shelter to Providence’s underground art and music scene, was felled by the axe of… READ ON


The United States of America v. Steven Kurtz

September 2004

Dispatches from the front: On May 30, after the opening of “The Interventionists: Art in the Social Sphere” at Mass MoCA, in North Adams, Massachusetts, some fifty artists gathered outside the museum for a hastily called meeting. In the waning… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2004 [TOC]

Modigliani: Beyond the Myth

April 2004

Even if he hadn’t lived the quintessential vie bohème—partaking of torrid affairs, carousing with fellow avant-gardists, succumbing to tuberculosis at thirty-five—Amedeo Modigliani would be well remembered for his instantly recognizable … READ ON