Jenny Nachtigall

Zofia Kulik

Zak | Branicka

June 2014

Filmic images do not function as representations of external phenomena, observed philosopher Gilles Deleuze in his key study on cinema. These images are instead concrete realities of movement and time. Strictly speaking, Zofia Kulik’s latest… READ ON


“Geographies of Contamination”

May 2014

Our moment seems to be characterized by a drive toward the dissolution of the hierarchical subject–object relation in favor of a “flat ontology,” in which all things and matters (human or not) are situated on the same plane of existence. … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2014 [TOC]

Judith Hopf

Studio Voltaire

November 2013

In Judith Hopf’s latest solo exhibition, “Testing Time,” a cubic structure made of fabric is suspended from the ceiling. Open at the top and bottom, the bulky cube hovers at eye level. Trying to enter the black box, viewers circle around it… READ ON


Özlem Altin


May 2013

Continuing her ongoing exploration of how bodies take on signification and of how images move, Özlem Altin’s solo show functions as a choreography of objects and images that perform the role of subjects and yet reverberate a sense of loss of… READ ON


Anna Möller

Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender

October 2012

In her current solo exhibition, Anna Möller revisits the conceptual rhetoric of light, glass, and steel through sculptural installations that operate in the gallery space like concrete poetry. At the center of her show sit three steel … READ ON


Alice Creischer

Koch Oberhuber Wolff (KOW Berlin)

July 2012

For her debut gallery exhibition, artist and theorist Alice Creischer has created a reference-heavy site of production, where viewers are invited to navigate through a two-room multipart installation that is as captivating as it is convoluted.… READ ON


Amalia Pica

Chisenhale Gallery

June 2012

Multi-hued festoon lighting dangles over the entrance to Amalia Pica’s debut exhibition in the UK. Spreading diagonally across the foyer from one wall to another, Inside, outside and across, 2006/2012, draws the viewer into the exhibition … READ ON


Brian O’Doherty

Galerie Thomas Fischer

May 2012

Brian O’Doherty’s overdue solo debut in Germany centers around Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, a series of objects that begin with a cardiogram O’Doherty made of the famed French artist in 1966. On entering the show, viewers encounter Duchamp … READ ON