Joanna Fiduccia

Christine Rebet

Christine Rebet discusses her solo exhibition at Bureau in New York

June 2015

Christine Rebet is an artist who has worked across diverse media and with traditional animation for over ten years. Her debut solo gallery exhibition in New York, “Paysage Fautif,” features drawings made in Haiti as well as a new hand-drawn… READ ON


Pam Lins

Rachel Uffner Gallery

May 2015

To reach the main gallery of Pam Lins’s “Model Model Model,” the viewer must first pass through a gauntlet of hand-built ceramic phones, calling to mind less the art-historical corridor of Pop art than the hall of a community center. Along … READ ON


Victor Man

Gladstone Gallery | West 24th St

March 2015

Light them as you will; Victor Man’s nocturnal paintings insist on their place in the long, dark corridor of art history. Their subjects emerge from the gloaming, buoyed by a bright tunic or foulard—or a gloss of Picasso, Balthus, or … READ ON


Aaron Curry

CAPC musée d'art contemporain

August 2014

The Day-Glo figures gamboling through Aaron Curry’s retrospective “Bad Brain” seem like an answer to Wallace Stevens’s lament for modern imagination, written exactly a century ago. For the poet of “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock,” all marvelous… READ ON


Ry Rocklen


June 2014

One can spy the first objects in this exhibition from the street: a beanbag chair and a marble table decked with an elaborate floral arrangement, like the collision of a condominium lobby and a basement rec room. Only, the marble is laminate,… READ ON


Sanya Kantarovsky

Casey Kaplan

June 2014

You can leave your antihistamines at the door. “Allergies,” the title of Sanya Kantarovsky’s first solo exhibition in New York, might best be taken like the old pharmakon: an irritant in the largely bloodless body of contemporary painting … READ ON


Jessica Mein

Simon Preston

December 2013

When São Paulo’s ban on outdoor advertising went into effect in 2007, it left the city’s billboards looking something like Jessica Mein’s paintings: sun-blanched color fields with the scaffolds showing through, like perspective grids held up… READ ON


Andra Ursuta

Francois Ghebaly Gallery

January 2013

For Friedrich Schiller, our aesthetic accomplishments owe themselves to the Spieltrieb, or “play drive”: the expenditure of energy in an unimpeded outpouring of imagination. Romanian-born Andra Ursuta, an artist who plumbs bleak and benighted… READ ON


Steve Roden

April 2011

Don’t be deceived by the provinciality implied in “stone’s throw,” the title of Steve Roden’s latest exhibition—the imaginative routes in his work are as elaborate as his paintings. Bundles of boldly dappled lines congregate in murky, tectonic… READ ON


Carol Bove, Blinky Palermo, Renwick Gallery group exhibitions

November 2010

On a visit to Carol Bove’s exhibition at Kimmerich in New York last March, the gallery assistant kindly asked me to refrain from blowing on the peacock feathers. Apparently, a number of visitors had been so disarmed by Bove’s exquisite … READ ON