John Beeson

Michael Dean

January 2016

Viewers entering Michael Dean’s exhibition “Look at them fucking laughing” found themselves among a field of standing sculptures taller than they are wide or deep. The variously colored concrete forms were grouped a bit like Stonehenge … READ ON

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Daniel Keller

October 2015

Underpinning Daniel Keller’s recent exhibition “Kai ❤ Dalston Bushwick” was a convoluted story of a love triangle unfolding in the near future. Finger-width tubes looping along the floor and sporting cubic-zirconia engagement rings were laced… READ ON

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Alicja Kwade

June 2015

Alicja Kwade clearly meant to address some pretty grand concepts in her most recent solo show. Most of the works on view dealt with the materials of an existing system––the hands of a clock, the trade in antique jewelry, this gallery’s lighting… READ ON

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Dan Rees

May 2015

“Stimulate Surprise” was Dan Rees’s fourth solo show at Tanya Leighton, and his second without any of the abstract paintings for which he’s best known. The exhibition consisted of six three-dimensional works and two videos, all addressing … READ ON

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“American Producers”

March 2015

“American Producers” was the second iteration of the Playback Room, a project series organized by Wolfgang Tillmans that proposes that the art world attend to music on the latter’s own terms. The project aims to present music at its intended… READ ON

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“Pictures, Before and After – An Exhibition for Douglas Crimp”

February 2015

At a time when influencing artists’ exposure is one of the few powers left to a writer, the artist list for an exhibition in Douglas Crimp’s honor read like a testament to his point of view. The checklist of more than thirty artists, whom … READ ON

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Park McArthur

January 2015

Park McArthur’s exhibition “Passive Vibration Isolation” needed just three straightforward elements to broach a topic both urgent and far-reaching. In Lars Friedrich’s new, though perhaps temporary, ground-floor space, five loading-dock … READ ON

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Chris Martin

October 2014

Chris Martin paints to open up a space of possibility. This was made particularly clear in his recent exhibition at KOW, which consisted of paintings finished in the past five years. Throughout this work, points of reference from various … READ ON

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Nicolas Ceccaldi

September 2014

“Red Wine,” the title of Nicolas Ceccaldi’s first solo show in a public institution, was apparently intended as a catchall reference to intoxicating substances, to pleasurable means of withdrawal from reality. Then again, the poster accompanying… READ ON

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Andreas Siekmann

May 2014

This show took its title from a line by Karl Marx––both figuratively and literally. Witness to a parliamentary debate in 1842 that resulted in a ban on gathering fallen twigs for firewood in public forests in Germany’s Rhineland, until then… READ ON

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