John Beeson

Roe Ethridge

April 2014

Roe Ethridge’s Berlin exhibition “Sacrifice Your Body” overlapped with his identically titled exhibition at Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York, each show comprising a different “edit” of a group of recently produced photographs also found in … READ ON

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Ari Benjamin Meyers

January 2014

Ari Benjamin Meyers Esther Schipper Every Saturday over the course of Ari Benjamin Meyers’s “Black Thoughts,” the exhibition fulfilled the promise of a spectacular viewer experience, which has become known as a characteristic of a certain … READ ON

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Nora Schultz

Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie

December 2013

Nora Schultz’s exhibition “Stative auf der Flucht / The tripods’ escape” personifies the tripod, weaving it into a gossamer narrative set in an alternate reality. Schultz is dealing in a special brand of speculation––science fiction––as … READ ON


Ericka Beckman

November 2013

During the 1970s, while in graduate school at CalArts, Ericka Beckman met several other artists who would become prominent figures of her generation—Mike Kelley, Matt Mullican, James Welling, and James Casebere among them. These interlocutors… READ ON

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Maria Nordman

October 2013

Maria Nordman’s first solo exhibition in Berlin consisted entirely of works that she made in the 1970s and ’80s but which are dated as if extending toward a perpetual present moment, as is always the case in her production. Though born in … READ ON

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Clegg & Guttmann

September 2013

Power, it’s been said, has been a central theme of Clegg & Guttmann’s portrait photography since the 1980s. The titles or captions of some works openly catalogue the professional stature of their subjects, and symbols of wealth and position… READ ON

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Marlie Mul

June 2013

The nature of a site is in the details: the way that this concrete floor maps a shape from white wall to white wall, or the way that the broad walls give way to narrower ones and another mounted with a bookshelf, or the way that the large, … READ ON

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Józef Robakowski

March 2013

“Der Linie nach” (Along the Line), a recent exhibition of work by leading Polish avant-garde filmmaker Józef Robakowski, took as its cohesive ingredient a simple formal element: the line. Not in itself a particularly compelling theme, it is… READ ON

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February 2013

“CANDY SAYS, ‘I’ve come to hate my body and all that it requires in this world.’” Against a sugar-sweet melody, Lou Reed opens the first track of the Velvet Underground’s 1969 self-titled album by quoting Warhol’s beloved superstar Candy … READ ON

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Vincent Fecteau

January 2013

Among the new abstract sculptures in Vincent Fecteau’s exhibition in Berlin were the largest that the artist has made until now. They are even bigger than his wall-mounted works exhibited at greengrassi in London in 2010, but all of these … READ ON

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