Joseph Masheck


January 1979

For J.F.S.S.  While he [Theophanes the Greek] delineated and painted all these things no one ever saw him looking at models as some of our painters do who, being filled with doubt, constantly bend over them casting their eyes hither and … READ ON

IN PRINT January 1979

The Decorated Letter, Manuscript Painting at the Court of France: The Fourteenth Century (1310–1380), and The Icon

December 1978

HIGH HONORS GO TO an ongoing series of picture books dealing with medieval manuscript painting that Braziller has been publishing since last year. The project involves, in each case, the selection of some 48 full-page color plates, each with… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1978

Beyond Time and Place, and Modern Art 1890–1918

December 1978

OF THE MANY, MANY new books dealing with general modern art history, three seem particularly worthy of note, although I still do not pretend to have covered the entire field. Beyond Time and Place, by Philippe Roberts-Jones (Oxford), treats… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1978

La Belle Epoque: Fifteen Euphoric Years of European History

December 1978

LA BELLE EPOQUE: FIFTEEN Euphoric Years of European History (Morrow) is a different matter entirely, although it covers a lot of the same territory, concerned as it is with European society and culture between 1900 and 1914. This is a rather… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1978

Islamic Architecture and Architecture of the Islamic World: Its History and Social Meaning

December 1978

TWO ARCHITECTURAL BOOKS OF general interest are John D. Hoag, Islamic Architecture, in Pier Luigi Nervi’s big “History of World Architecture” series (Abrams), which appeared last summer, and Architecture of the Islamic World: Its History and… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1978

Minor White: Rites & Passages; His Photographs Accompanied by Excerpts from his Diaries and Letters

December 1978

IN THE PAST YEAR the crushing torrent of books on photography, including tiresomely redundant surveys, historical potboilers and full-scale monographs purveying the most inconsequential reputations, has not let up. We do, however, come across… READ ON

IN PRINT December 1978

Saul Steinberg’s “Written” Pictures

June 1978

For D.L. G.  SAUL STEINBERG’S WORK HAS remained for a long time on the periphery of the world of art, although just inside its frontier. His is the kind of work that artists would know about and admire, but that would be thought too idiosyncratic… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 1978

Ann Norton

May 1978

Ann Norton’s recent show consisted of six large vertical wood sculptures, 41 watercolor drawings and some documentary photographs of this sculptor’s major efforts—a cluster of big brick abstract “monuments” erected in her backyard in West … READ ON

IN PRINT May 1978

Hard-Core Painting

April 1978

For G.J.M.   We explained how one property of a surface is bound up with the outline. We must now speak of the other property of a surface, which, if I might put it this way, is like a skin stretched over the whole extent of the surface. … READ ON

IN PRINT April 1978


June 1977

THE STRETCHED CANVAS SUPPORTED BY a rectangular wooden armature is only one of the conventional formats of Western painting. Pottery, plaster walls, the leaves of books, panes of glass set in real windows, and “panels”—those portable solid … READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 1977