Judith Vrancken

Anne de Vries

Foam Fotografiemuseum

October 2015

“It may be that believing in this world, in this life, becomes our most difficult task, or the task of a mode of existence still to be discovered on our plane of immanence today. This is the empiricist conversion.” So Gilles Deleuze wrote in… READ ON


Aernout Mik

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

April 2014

Aernout Mik’s film Cardboard Walls, 2013, shows the aftermath of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011. With what is left of their belongings, the victims in the film are forced to live in a barrack that is provisionally … READ ON


Amar Kanwar

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

February 2014

Amar Kanwar’s ongoing project The Sovereign Forest captures the changes and destruction caused over the past decade by the severe industrial interference caused by mining in the traditionally agrarian state of Odisha, India, and it also tracks… READ ON