Julia Friedman

“Venice in Venice”

July 2011

This show is a herald of sorts for “Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945–1980”—the much-anticipated exhibition and cultural events extravaganza planned to commence this fall. Part of the Getty Foundation’s initiative to rediscover and … READ ON


Paul Kos

June 2011

Paradoxically, the very name recognition that establishes one’s right to creative existence sets a permanent benchmark that one must continue reaching in order to remain both relevant and recognized. Paul Kos’s fifth solo exhibition at this… READ ON


Jack McLean

May 2011

Just four days before the devastating Tohoku earthquake of March 11, a new Tokyo gallery opened its doors for its inaugural exhibition, by the Glasgow-born, Tokyo-based artist Jack McLean. “The Container” is a fitting name for the space, … READ ON


LG Williams/Estate of LG Williams

May 2011

LG Williams’s caustic commentary on the state of contemporary art is as poignant as it is funny, and his latest show at the Super Window Project gallery in Kyoto was bound to make one do a double take. Yet there was nothing declamatory or … READ ON

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Xavier Veilhan

April 2011

If Xavier Veilhan’s 2009 project for Versailles was an attempt at a visual deconstruction of reality, his solo debut in Tokyo is about the spatial metaphor of gaining altitude. The four sculptures in this show were inspired by the new exhibition… READ ON


Aki Sasamoto

January 2011

This exhibition marks the Japanese debut of Aki Sasamoto’s 2010 installation-performance Strange Attractors, and presents an adaptation of the eponymous piece she contributed to the last Whitney Biennial. The show is a homecoming for the … READ ON


Taiji Matsue

November 2010

In “Survey of Time,” Taiji Matsue’s latest exhibition, the artist extends his trademark examination of space from photography to video. Four photographic works on view in the gallery’s front room depict conceptualized landscapes similar to … READ ON


Yuuki Matsumura

October 2010

Yuuki Matsumura’s exhibition “Almost-Dead Sculpture” was about the suspension of disbelief. The moment viewers entered the gallery, they were challenged to account for what are, ostensibly, oversize crumpled balls of glossy magazine stock … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2010 [TOC]

“Nanugi Agency”

September 2010

Presenting work by nine artists, one of whom also acts as a curator, this exhibition is based on the premise of an imaginary company called the Nanugi Agency, which provides creative solutions for sharing property between former spouses or … READ ON


Nobuyoshi Araki

September 2010

Two years ago Nobuyoshi Araki, then almost seventy and diagnosed with cancer, completed what he called his “posthumous” cycle: a series of black-and-white photographs onto which he brushed kanji characters meaning “2THESKY, my Ender”—his … READ ON

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