Julia Friedman

William Eggleston

July 2010

“Paris-Kyoto” brings together William Eggleston’s scenes from Europe and Asia in the surroundings of a Bauhaus-style Art Deco building set in the midst of a Tokyo city block. The photographs, commissioned over the past decade by the Fondation… READ ON


Miwa Yanagi

May 2010

Last year was Miwa Yanagi’s annus mirabilis—the year of three solo exhibitions that included the installation Windswept Women: The Old Girls’ Troupe, 2009, at the Japanese Pavilion of the Fifty-third Venice Biennale. This new show combines … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2010 [TOC]

Ohad Matalon

April 2010

Unlike the usual photography exhibition, where primly mounted images passively await the viewer’s gaze, Ohad Matalon’s latest show makes the unwitting visitor part of the installation. Ten giant projections of photographic negatives overlaid… READ ON


MeeNa Park

March 2010

“BCGKMRY,” MeeNa Park’s debut solo exhibition at this gallery, indexes the artist’s resolve to establish her own, nonarbitrary visual order. Consistent with her ongoing engagement of a playful, rule-bending encryption of colors and symbols,… READ ON


Tamotsu Ikeya

March 2010

Tamotsu Ikeya’s most recent, aptly titled show, “Basic Lesson Preparation and Review,” indexed both the artist’s earlier investigations of color and his current (and evolving) interest in actual space. Ikeya put these lessons to use attempting… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2010 [TOC]

Kosuke Ichikawa

January 2010

Nothing in “Murmur,” Kosuke Ichikawa’s first solo exhibition at this gallery, can be taken for granted. The images, which look like high-contrast photographs when reproduced, are not only done by hand but are created through pigmenting and … READ ON


Shinro Ohtake

November 2009

“Shell & Occupy 4” features the latest examples of Shinro Ohtake’s “stickering” method—the white noise of found objects strewn together, then contained by oil paint. The resulting effect is simultaneously gritty and sleek. The exhibition’s … READ ON


Seiji Aruga

October 2009

Paper, Seiji Aruga’s medium of choice, is ideally suited to his spatial and tactile art. In Aruga’s latest works, his earlier, intricate constructions give way to equally intricate subtractions. From afar, le, 2009, conjures up a partially … READ ON