Julian Elias Bronner

Tom Burr

Tom Burr talks about his project at the IKEA-owned Pirelli building in New Haven

February 2017

For nearly three decades, Tom Burr’s sculptures, writings, collages, and photographs have tended to focus on access, site-specificity, the confluence of public and private environments, and the constructed persona. Here, he discusses his … READ ON


Alex Wissel

Alex Wissel talks about Rheingold

January 2017

Alex Wissel is a Düsseldorf-based artist whose deadpan video installations, drawings, and performances address biography and history in an attempt to deconstruct master metanarratives through reenactment. For the past year, he has been … READ ON


The Rhine’s Eye

The 7th Düsseldorf-Cologne gallery weekend


AMONG THOSE PROFESSIONALLY OBLIGED to look at and think about art, summer holidays engender two camps of tourists: those who travel to see it and those who travel to get away from it. In the wake of three weeks spent in Düsseldorf on an … READ ON


“The Invisible Hand”

Espace Européen pour la Sculpture asbl

July 2016

The legacy of the Anthropocene will be littered with parricide: We’ve killed God, and we’re systematically poisoning Mother Nature. How, then, will we account for the current atrocities on this planet? “The Invisible Hand,” the title of this… READ ON



Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain

July 2016

Let’s look at life as an exercise of mere accidents––a sequence of freak chances whose endless syntheses, movements, gestures, and replications make up the inertia of this revolving world. In 1963, upon discovering that his lithographic … READ ON


“B” Here Now

The 34th edition of Art Brussels

April 2016 BRUSSELS

WHETHER BRUSSELS IS THE “NEW BERLIN,” your “B-sides” (à la artist Megan Marrin), or a “hellhole” (à la Trump), it’s certainly a destination, especially in the spring, when the de facto capital of Europe draws thousands to its annual Brussels… READ ON


Koen van den Broek

Albertz Benda

March 2016

Paris, Texas, Wim Wenders’s 1984 character study, opens as Travis Henderson (played by the inimitable Harry Dean Stanton), a rugged yet troubled loner in a desert landscape, and is on, and seemingly appears from, the road to nowhere. Taking… READ ON


Anri Sala

New Museum

March 2016

“Answer Me,” the titular command of Anri Sala’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States, falls urgently on the ear. Teeming with possibility, this aurally immersive show, which presents nearly two decades of video installations as… READ ON


Mario Pfeifer

MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38

October 2015

German artist Mario Pfeifer’s films explore cultural types in order to extend beyond the limits and privilege of a specific ethnography. For his debut exhibition in the United States and commissioned by the MINI/Goethe-Institut, Pfeifer spent… READ ON


Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor talks about his work with the newly developed pigment Vantablack

April 2015

Anish Kapoor’s sculptures and installations use pioneering technology to address absence and void as sites of potential. Here Kapoor discusses his use of Vantablack, the blackest pigment known to date, which is being developed by the British… READ ON