Julie Jones

Jimmie Durham

Galerie Michel Rein

May 2013

Jimmie Durham’s drawings, made during his residency at Atelier Calder in Saché, France, draw the viewer into a contemplative state while also inciting a profound sense of anxiety. Visible within the fourteen drawings (all works untitled, … READ ON


Temps étrangers

Mains d’œuvres

September 2012

Is the artist a worker just like any other? Can artists’ laboring hours be measured? The thirteen curators from the Cartel de Kunst collective selected twelve contributors for this exhibition, and all expose the naïveté, absurdity, and … READ ON


Raymond Gervais


May 2012

Placed on a lectern in the central room of Rosacape is a paper sheet that reads: TO WALK FROM THE GRAVE OF SAMUEL BECKETT (1906–1989), IN THE MONTPARNASSE CEMETRY, TO THE GRAVE OF CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862–1918), IN THE PASSY CEMETRY. Singly … READ ON


Mathieu Mercier

Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry (Le Crédac)

March 2012

Mathieu Mercier’s current exhibition, “Sublimations,” marks a noticeable break from the DIY spirit of his earlier projects and examines the shifting status of the object within artistic and commercial fields. An installation in one room of … READ ON


James Castle

Galerie Karsten Greve | Paris

March 2012

James Castle’s works were collected by a small circle of admirers during his lifetime, but in recent years he has attracted unprecedented attention from both museums and the art market. After retrospectives at the Philadelphia Museum of Art… READ ON


Markus Raetz

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF)

January 2012

This retrospective of Markus Raetz’s output celebrates the artist’s printed works, which, since the 1970s, have made use of eclectic themes and forms. The show’s curators, Farideh Cadot and Marie-Cécile Miessner, have successfully organized… READ ON


Jesper Just

December 2011

It is a risky move for an artist to build his or her work on a series of references. Yet the output of the Danish-born, New York–based artist Jesper Just, which consists of countless allusions to film history, is a veritable tour de force. … READ ON


Nick van Woert

November 2011

“Anatomy,” Nick van Woert’s solo debut in Paris, offers a clever gambit that juxtaposes contemporary culture with the past. The Brooklyn-based artist uses building materials including concrete and stone, as well as highly structured objects… READ ON