Julie Solovyeva

James Bridle

James Bridle speaks about his latest work

November 2013

James Bridle is a writer and an artist who often makes work about virtual and material networked culture. Here, Bridle speaks about a newly commissioned work, Occupy the Cloud, which is currently on view in “Open Heart Surgery,” an exhibition… READ ON


Oscar Murillo

Oscar Murillo talks about his exhibition at the South London Gallery

October 2013

Oscar Murillo is a Colombian artist based in London who often explores patterns of migration and social networking in his practice. For his current solo exhibition, “If I was to draw a Line, this journey started approximately 400KM north of… READ ON


“Sounding the Body Electric”

Calvert 22

July 2013

An exceptional selection of over thirty works included in this exhibition addresses the early application of technology in the crossover between image and music from 1957 to 1984. Curators David Crowley and Daniel Muzyczuk have woven together… READ ON


“Suite for Exhibition(s) and Publication(s): An Exhibition Without Texts: second movement”

Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz

April 2013

For the project “Suite for Exhibition(s) and Publication(s),” curator Mathieu Copeland sets out to investigate how to experience language in both material and conceptual terms. He has planned four separate exhibitions that will unfold over … READ ON