Jurriaan Benschop

Dan Attoe

April 2017

“I never thought I would be a landscape painter,” Dan Attoe once remarked—and yet landscapes have played a role in all his work to date, as settings for figures in action. Attoe grew up in nature, his parents working as foresters around the… READ ON

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Mirosław Bałka

Pirelli HangarBicocca

March 2017

Eighteen works emerge from the dark in this huge industrial hall. The exhibition starts and ends with Holding the Horizon, 2016, which is installed above the entrance and shows a simple yellow horizontal shape that nervously moves up and down… READ ON


Jonathan Bragdon

Aurel Scheibler

February 2017

Is consciousness something you can depict? This is the challenge Jonathan Bragdon takes up in his “Consciousness Portraits,” a series of small, diary-like drawings he’s been making since 2012, thirty-two of which are on display. Bragdon’s … READ ON


Matthew Metzger

February 2017

What is the relation between abstract and figurative painting, and how do we read abstraction some fifty years after the twilight of Abstract Expressionism? These questions seem to be at the heart of Matthew Metzger’s practice, and they … READ ON

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Gina Malek

Magic Beans

November 2016

In her paintings, Gina Malek does not just depict human figures in moments of physical action or tension; she transmits physicality directly through her mark-making. It is difficult to decide who the protagonists are in her paintings: the … READ ON


Robert Muntean

Galerie Crone | Berlin

November 2016

One of the works in Robert Muntean’s exhibition “Sonic Wave” is titled Disappearer (all works cited, 2016). It can hardly be a coincidence that a song by Sonic Youth has the same title; the artist has frequently referred to music throughout… READ ON


Ernst Wilhelm Nay

November 2016

Although he was born in Berlin, I’ve never thought of Ernst Wilhelm Nay as a particularly German painter. For Nay himself, though, being German was something hard to escape. German artists in the postwar decades had to contend with suspicion,… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2016 [TOC]

Georg Baselitz

November 2016

Among the works in the exhibition “The Heroes” was The Modern Painter, 1965, showing a male figure against a light background, some brushes sticking out of his backpack. This painter, however, is not able to paint, since both his hands are … READ ON

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Daniel Richter

September 2016

Curated by Poul Erik Tøjner This midcareer retrospective comprises forty-five oils by Daniel Richter, representing the German painter’s broad range—from his dense abstract constellations of the mid-1990s to the narrative works of the early … READ ON


Lia Kazakou

June 2016

To what extent can beauty be convincing in contemporary figurative painting? After a century filled with so many examples of distorted and fragmented depictions of the human figure, any encounter with a classic, balanced sense of beauty seems… READ ON

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