Kate Sutton

Tschabalala Self

Parasol unit

February 2017

In 1992, Silverfish’s Lesley Rankine snarled the mantra that would launch a thousand T-shirts: HIPS. TITS. LIPS. POWER. The slogan took the carving up of female flesh and reversed it into a roll call for the reservoirs of strength built into… READ ON


Condo Camping

The 2nd edition of Condo

January 2017 LONDON

IN THE SERIES OF LECTURES that now constitute A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf made the case that for a woman to write anything of substance, she must have access to resources—most notably, the titular claim to space—that could free her … READ ON


“Daniel Arsham: Hourglass”

January 2017

Curated by Michael Rooks and Jonathan Odden This show guides the viewer through three distinct environments: a cavern of crushed-amethyst athletic balls, an hourglass-filled gallery, and a Japanese Zen garden patrolled by a performer in the… READ ON


Garage Triennial

January 2017

Curated by Kate Fowle, Katya Inozemtseva, Snejana Krasteva, Andrey Misiano, Sasha Obukhova A full century after the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Russian Federation still covers more than an eighth of the planet’s inhabited land—home… READ ON


Unfamiliar Territory

“What Art History?” at the Moderna galerija

December 2016 LJUBLJANA

“WE ARE LIVING IN AN ERA of cognitive capitalism, where maps are more important than actual territories,” Moderna Galerija director Zdenka Badovinac told the packed conference room last Thursday in Ljubljana. “Under these conditions, what’s… READ ON


Wook-kyung Choi

December 2016

Silence can speak volumes. The eloquence of the unspoken may help explain the recent resurgence of interest in the artists of dansaekhwa (Korean for “monochrome painting”), a loosely affiliated group of painters working since the late 1960s,… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2016 [TOC]

Carlos Reyes and Jo-ey Tang


November 2016

“Black door code 31A5 à gauche puis 2ème étage tout droit à gauche” (Black door code 31A5, then left, 2nd floor, then straight, then on the left), the trailing title of this otherwise lissome little show, plots out the path a visitor must … READ ON


Eastern Block

My Sweet Little Lamb (Everything we see could also be otherwise)

November 2016 ZAGREB

IN WHAT NOW SEEMS LIKE AN OMEN, I spent the Thursday before last huddled in a museum parking lot, watching a red sedan go up in flames.  “What about all the toxins?” I asked.  “They’re not blowing toward us,” replied artist Dalibor Martinis,… READ ON


Darius Mikšys

Kunstverein München

November 2016

For his series, “Pinocchio,” 2011–, Darius Mikšys delegates his exhibition space to other museums, which then collectively author installations or other artworks—their own real live boys, so to speak. This iteration couples Mikšys’s collaborations… READ ON


Occidental Tourist

The 43rd edition of FIAC

October 2016 PARIS

THIS YEAR, the weeklong gap between Frieze and Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (FIAC)—out of respect, it turns out, for Yom Kippur—gave way to some less than respectful headlines, pitting the two fairs in a bitter battle for galleries.… READ ON