Kathleen Madden

Genieve Figgis

Harper's Books

July 2014

In “Yes Captain,” the surfaces of Genieve Figgis’s paintings resonate with fetishistic effect—they are charged with erotic force and replete with lascivious, decadent content. An implied narrative permeates these intimately scaled works. In… READ ON


Akram Zaatari

Thomas Dane Gallery

January 2014

For his first solo show in London, Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari has presented two extensive installations—one in each of Thomas Dane Gallery’s spaces—consisting of framed photographs, iPad displays, still images that are incorporated into … READ ON


Arslan Sukan


October 2013

Through a process of eradications and slight additions, Arslan Sukan assembles photographs based on the formulaic codes that dominate the installation views of white-cube gallery spaces. His digital images document international venues, many… READ ON


“A Sense of Place”

Pier 24

September 2013

If the concept of place in photography has shifted throughout history, “A Sense of Place” examines these shifts in rich detail through the work of more than forty artists from the past two centuries. Beginning in the 1840s, a scientific … READ ON


Josh Tonsfeldt

Simon Preston

May 2013

The primary operation in Josh Tonsfeldt’s solo show is the layering of architectural forms—the accretion of references to locations beyond the gallery that relate to the artist’s personal experiences. Tonsfeldt has transformed Simon Preston… READ ON


Richard Nonas

James Fuentes LLC

April 2013

Since the late-1960s, and with poetic simplicity and an economy of means, Richard Nonas has embraced “locally grown” materials (wood, steel, and stone) to make sense of found space. For “Ridge,” his first solo exhibition with James Fuentes,… READ ON


Hunter Reynolds


May 2012

For nearly three decades, Hunter Reynolds has explored issues of survival, death, and mourning in his work, taking special interest in rituals that address mortality and transformative rejuvenation. Recently he has performed shamanistic fire… READ ON


Selma Makela and “Solar Do-Nothing Machine”


January 2012

Rejecting the tyranny of dreariness typical of London in midwinter, this show expectantly embraces transience in nature. Films by various artists and a group of paintings by Selma Makela touch on the ephemeral. Anna Barriball’s film Projection,… READ ON


Michelle Lopez

October 2011

One could make the case that surface has been the main focus of art production since the end of the nineteenth century. In Michelle Lopez’s sculptural works, consideration of the surface is not to be underestimated. She works against the … READ ON


Kerry Tribe

June 2011

Kerry Tribe’s work deploys technology and archives in unusual ways to investigate memory, particularly how time structures our lives and remembrances. Tribe does not use gadgets gratuitously––she enhances the viewing experience by constructing… READ ON