Katie Geha

Jill Frank

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

November 2016

The title of Jill Frank’s exhibition “Nothing Ventured // Nothing Gained” appears in cursive script tattooed across the firm chest of a young man sitting in a still body of water, red solo cup in hand, for Beach Pose (Sunburn & Solo Cup), … READ ON


Siebren Versteeg

Michael Jon & Alan

September 2016

Siebren Versteeg’s “Middle Ages” is a new take on an old tale: Narcissus at the pond, gazing at his reflection, struck and stuck by his own beauty. Three crude steel figures retrofitted with web cameras as eyes view the exhibition and its … READ ON


“Pratfall Tramps”

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

March 2015

The late comedian Gilda Radner once referred to life as the “delicious ambiguity.” Such inexactness and Radner’s legacy of laughs act as a benevolent guiding spirit for “Pratfall Tramps,” an exhibition curated by Rachel Reese that features … READ ON


Lane Hagood

Domy Books

June 2012

The spirit of the early-twentieth-century painter James Ensor presides over Lane Hagood’s concise exhibition of three paintings in “Eyeball Rug, Hand Painting, and Mountains Painting.” One canvas features a variety of bizarre eyeballs … READ ON


Colby Bird

November 2011

Parts of wooden chairs, small blocks of broken granite, brightly painted flattened cardboard boxes, a photograph of Easter eggs, and fruit, both real and plastic, are largely what Colby Bird’s current exhibition is made of. While all of these… READ ON


Vija Celmins

January 2011

This past summer, at McKee Gallery in New York, Vija Celmins exhibited her most recent body of work—tablets of brushed gray wood fashioned to look like the handheld chalkboards that were their real-life counterparts. Placing the found and … READ ON


Ry Rocklen

Ry Rocklen discusses his exhibition at the Visual Arts Center

October 2010

The Los Angeles–based artist Ry Rocklen was the first artist-in-residence at the recently opened Visual Arts Center, a project and exhibition space managed by the University of Texas at Austin. For his installation ZZZ’s, Rocklen used everyday… READ ON


Beryl Korot

September 2010

In this miniretrospective, Beryl Korot, cofounder and editor of the seminal 1970s video periodical Radical Software, demonstrates her career-long commitment to technology, language, and the history that binds the two together. Korot’s video… READ ON


Ben Ruggiero

June 2010

The legacy of Hudson River School painter Frederic Church haunts Ben Ruggiero’s latest exhibition of experiments in photography. A picture in the entryway of this show depicts an orientation room at Olana, Church’s home on the Hudson. Plastic… READ ON


Katy Horan

April 2010

Katy Horan’s recent works on paper examine the gesture—arms flailing, or a head cocked to one side, or legs splayed in the air. Yet the figures depicted in “Lady Monsters” remain more oblique than their movements. Though these ladies are … READ ON