Kaveri Nair

Emilie Halpern

Pepin Moore

October 2013

For the first installment of “Shōka,” her solo show at Pepin Moore, Emilie Halpern created a scattered arrangement of rocks on the gallery floor. By day as subtle and tranquil as a Zen rock garden, the installation came spectacularly to life… READ ON


Alice Könitz, Pamela Jorden, and Jeff Ono

Samuel Freeman

May 2013

Alice Könitz, Pamela Jorden, and Jeff Ono approach the legacy of modernism with an attitude of intimate engagement as much as critique. Alice Könitz’s shimmery wall sculpture, Emblem, 2013, echoes the ziggurat-like form of Dan Flavin’s … READ ON


Fiona Connor


February 2013

For “Bare Use,” Fiona Connor has fabricated objects that replicate spa fixtures and furnishings. A small square table is piled high with perfectly folded white towels while nearby, a guidepost with hand-lettered arrows points the viewer toward… READ ON


Matt Connors

Cherry and Martin

October 2012

Matt Connors draws on several modes of postwar abstraction, most notably Color Field painting, in his lucid second solo exhibition at this gallery. “Sandpaper Sleeve” finds him restricting his stylistic range more tightly than in the past, … READ ON