Kito Nedo

Cool as ICE

The 49th Art Cologne

April 2015 COLOGNE

THE DINING CARS of the high-speed ICE are a culinary wasteland. But with their dented red-leather couches, they serve well as social hubs for the temporary traveling communities moving 150 miles per hour throughout Germany. When I boarded … READ ON


Out of Site

The 8th Berlin Biennale

June 2014 BERLIN

IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL Monday afternoon when the group exhibition “Everyday Life” opened at the Hamburger Bahnhof. In the courtyard, armed with beer and bratwurst, stood a few dozen art people, from Berlin Nationalgalerie director Udo Kittelmann… READ ON


Form and Function

The 48th Art Cologne

April 2014 COLOGNE

“YOU SEE WHY Cologne is so pleasant?” the critic Boris Pofalla asked me, pointing to the dancers bouncing on the floor at the Köln-Ehrenfeld studio of the Meiré Brothers. “No bearded hipsters looking for free booze. In Berlin, every opening… READ ON


Kito Nedo

December 2013

“Speculations on Anonymous Materials” at Kunsthalle Fridericianum (September 29–January 26, 2013) Newly appointed curator Susanne Pfeffer has created an exhibition that gives a collective and pointed voice to some of the most influential … READ ON


Anna Ostoya


October 2013

One of the underlying assumptions of any gallery visit is that the artist’s past output will be evoked in relation to the new work in his or her current exhibition. Anna Ostoya, who lives in New York, does not fundamentally challenge this … READ ON


Politics as Usual

Berlin Art Week

September 2013 BERLIN

“BERLIN ART WEEK” kicked off last Tuesday as Germany’s election season was entering its final throes. The streets were plastered with billboards promoting more or less convincing slogans and faces. But there were other endgames at stake as … READ ON


Fair and Balanced

The 47th Art Cologne

April 2013 COLOGNE

WHO’D HAVE GUESSED that the award ceremony for this year’s Wolfgang Hahn Prize would be the highlight of Art Cologne week? The press preview on the prior Wednesday morning for the related Andrea Fraser retrospective at the Museum Ludwig had… READ ON


Michael Buthe

Galerie Thomas Flor

October 2012

Upon entering Michael Buthe’s current exhibition, visitors will be utterly drawn into the colors and forms in the large-scale canvases on view. Ohne Titel (ST 010), 1989–93, for instance, is a wild abstraction, executed through a variety of… READ ON


Robin Bruch


October 2012

One of this gallery’s early guiding principles was to create a program “generated exclusively through personal recommendations.” In the case of the current solo exhibition of paintings by Robin Bruch, it was the Berlin-based artist Megan … READ ON


Marcus Weber

Galerie Kai Hoelzner

July 2012

Since the turn of the twentieth century, certain stylistic parameters have established themselves in the subgenre of street photography––concentration on the “decisive moment,” rapidity, a certain lack of contrivance, and a proximity to other… READ ON