Kito Nedo

Routine Pleasures

The 7th Berlin Biennale and the 8th Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 2012 BERLIN

IT’S FRIDAY AFTER MIDNIGHT, and we’re standing on the stairs overseeing the dancing crowd at Times Bar. A DJ team plays Smurf techno and the go-getter, post-Net-art faction of Neukölln’s expat community throws their arms into the air. Times… READ ON


Michael Schmidt

Museum Morsbroich

April 2012

With his current exhibition, “Lebensmittel” (Food), which consists of 177 photographs, Berlin-based photographer Michael Schmidt debuts the results of his research into agribusiness, which between 2006 and 2010 took him to many different … READ ON


Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys

Isabella Bortolozzi

January 2012

The list of fictional artists in the history of art is so long that by now it could fill whole encyclopedias. With their current exhibition, “Im Reich der Sonnenfinsternis” (In the Empire of the Eclipse), the Belgian artists Jos de Gruyter … READ ON


Cosima von Bonin

November 2011

The sculptures and installations of Cologne-based artist Cosima von Bonin—whose last solo exhibition, in 2010, was titled “The Fatigue Empire”—bespeaks a culture preoccupied with the idea of exhaustion. Enervation and weariness emanate from… READ ON


Seiichi Furuya

October 2011

“Mémoires” is the first solo exhibition in Berlin by the Japanese-born, Graz, Austria-based artist Seiichi Furuya. Whether it is a coincidence or not, the show––with its twenty-five photographs, five artist’s books, and slide projection of … READ ON