Kriston Capps

Elena Manferdini


March 2016

As an architect, Elena Manferdini works at the intersection of theoretical design and the decorative arts. Her architecture frequently takes the form of installations, or vice versa, and is scaled to human experience, especially when it … READ ON


A Tale of Two Cities

A New York gala for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

November 2015 NEW YORK

MONDAYS ARE SLOW FOR CONGRESS. The so-called bed-check votes that kick off the week for the world’s greatest deliberative body keep senators and representatives grounded in Washington, DC, deciding new names for post offices and confirming … READ ON


Hirshhorn of Plenty

A gala for “Shirin Neshat: Facing History” at the Hirshhorn Museum


CURTAINS OF RAIN greeted dolled-up attendees for Saturday night’s gala at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Valets with oversize umbrellas led tuxedos and gowns from their black cars on Independence Avenue to the soggy red carpet at… READ ON


Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Phillips Collection

March 2015

Sculpture is only a sliver of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s practice. It’s a shame there isn’t more of it: This project show finds the Japanese artist tabbing effortlessly between dimensions. A trio, no, a trinity of sculptural works in machined aluminum… READ ON


Kerry James Marshall

The National Gallery of Art

October 2013

While Washington, DC, celebrates two important civil rights milestones in 2013—the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March on Washington and the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation—it is also honoring African … READ ON


Dan Steinhilber

The Kreeger Museum

October 2012

Tucked away in a marvelous Philip Johnson–designed building in Washington, D.C.’s tony Foxhall neighborhood, the Kreeger Museum is as proud of its building as it is of its handsome, modest, modern collection. The Kreeger commissioned Dan … READ ON


Colby Caldwell


May 2012

The southern gothic is a trope in American photography, and it has a long history in Washington, DC, well beyond the many exhibitions bearing the theme that have appeared in the capital, such as shows by William Eggleston, Sally Mann, and … READ ON


Screen Song

The opening of Doug Aitken's SONG 1 at the Hirshhorn Museum


DOUG AITKEN’S SONG 1 took one bunch by surprise: joggers. As Washington’s fit ran their twilight routes on the National Mall on Thursday evening, they inevitably slowed to take in the spectacle, necks craned toward the facades of the Hirshhorn.… READ ON


Robert Ryman

September 2010

Robert Ryman’s “Variations and Improvisations,” his first-ever solo exhibition in Washington, DC, finds the artist exercising a seemingly quiet theme with considerable muscularity. Over the course of twenty-six paintings produced between the… READ ON


Mary Early

July 2010

That Mary Early’s work qualifies as post-Minimalist is plain. By first building components and then balancing them against one another in roughly circular structures that have not been mapped out in advance, she largely allows early decisions… READ ON