Kyle Bentley

Making History

The opening of the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

January 2011 DOHA, QATAR

DOHA, THE ISOLATED CAPITAL OF QATAR, is more a half-city than a city. Only partly built up. With a resort here and a luxury hotel there and long stretches of sand in between, the Persian Gulf lapping at its eastern side. I was there for the… READ ON


This Old House

Kyle Bentley on HBO’s Grey Gardens

April 2009

NEW YORK IS ABOUT NOTHING if not the gamble of promise, the stakes that can put people in the jackpot or in bankruptcy. Stories unfolding here, however many their convolutions and fine points, are mainly pulled along by that idea of possibility… READ ON


Numbers Game

A Guy de Cointet performance and Guild & Greyshkul’s closing

February 2009 NEW YORK

TO A DISCOURSE often ranging between earnestness and dutifulness, Guy de Cointet’s nearly forgotten melodramas from a few decades ago sound new notes, but slip into the didactic key. At their best, they morph to the point of magic realism … READ ON


Luis Gispert

January 2009

Luis Gispert's exhibition will trace a theme of “customization” through about thirty works made since 2002, many of which involve cars: photographs of tricked-out interiors, sculptures of lowriders, a film of a cheerleader lip-synching to an… READ ON


Fall from Grace

Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2008 MIAMI

GRACE JONES was the event that night. But nobody, it seemed, not the crowds who came from the Deitch party, not Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, not even Yvonne Force Villareal, her vintage Halston caftan notwithstanding, was being admitted to the… READ ON


Turin About

Artissima and the Turin Triennial

November 2008 TURIN

THAT EVERYONE WOULD SOON TIRE of those baggy exhibitions and themes, those endless fairs and “satellite projects,” was predictable. That their attitude would shift right around when the market did was predictable too. What was hard to foresee… READ ON


Doing Time

The third Yokohama Triennale

September 2008 YOKOHAMA, JAPAN

After a long silence, punctuated by nervous giggles from the audience, Beatrix Ruf—one of the five Yokohama Triennale curators working under artistic director Tsutomu Mizusawa—leaned in to her microphone and said carefully: “I think the … READ ON


They Shoot Horses

The annual Watermill Benefit

August 2008 LONG ISLAND, NY

To get to the Watermill Center from the Montauk Highway, you head north at the house with the white picket fence—away, that is, from the sand dunes and shoreline—and westward at the miniature windmill where Head of Pond Road forks. To people… READ ON


Scandinavian Dasein

The Moderna Museet's 50th anniversary


People were growing impatient, waiting to deplane at Stockholm-Arlanda as a faded red carpet was being unrolled, laboriously, across the tarmac. The preview of the Moderna Museet’s exhibition “Eclipse: Art in a Dark Age” would soon be starting,… READ ON


Blake Rayne

June 2008

In planning the Blue Tower, a luxury-condominium complex on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Bernard Tschumi Architects faced, according to the firm’s website, a particular challenge: “to create an original architectural statement while simultaneously… READ ON

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