Larissa Harris

“Two or Three Things I Know About Her”

May 2008

In “Two or Three Things I Know About Her,” five female New Yorkers can’t ignore the fact that they hardly recognize their city. Everything that made it the capital of the twentieth century—its subways and sidewalks, its newspapers and nightly… READ ON

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Pedro Reyes

March 2007

Some of the nearly one hundred projects represented in “ad usum: To Be Used,” a survey of six years’ worth of work by Mexico City–based artist Pedro Reyes, are models for environmentally engaged architecture. The rest are perhaps best understood… READ ON

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Laura McPhee

November 2006

In the photograph used on the museum handout for Laura McPhee’s recent exhibition, smoky rays of sunlight stream into dense forest as fire licks at the roots of trees in the center of the frame. In the foreground, more sunlight illuminates … READ ON

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Taylor Davis

June 2006

In Taylor Davis’s recent exhibition at Samson Projects, low cratelike forms with peepholes and slightly gaping panels; objects resembling drawers fallen out of a dresser; an unsteady, solitary eight-foot plywood phallus; and hay bales caged… READ ON

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Hockney Night

David Hockney

February 2006 BOSTON

“This is going to be one of those cozy Boston events,” said my friend as she steered us into the Museum of Fine Arts parking lot. We maneuvered past crowds of fragile, pink-cheeked men and ladies in mink moving towards the gala for “David … READ ON


“Down the Garden Path: The Artist's Garden After Modernism”

October 2005

Curator Valerie Smith seemed to have chosen works for “Down the Garden Path: The Artist’s Garden After Modernism” not simply to illustrate a theme, but to enrich it. Fleshing out a well-installed selection of actual works, photographic … READ ON

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“Contemporary Erotic Drawing”

September 2005

Organized by independent curator Stuart Horodner, Houston’s DiverseWorks director Sara Kellner, and Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum director Harry Philbrick, the elegant “Contemporary Erotic Drawing” never got hung up on what constitutes … READ ON

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Praxis of Evil

“Regarding Evil”

April 2005 CAMBRIDGE

All told, Cambridge’s summit on evil last Sunday turned out to be good. Budding gnostic and MIT graduate student Ross Cisneros, one of six candidates in the institute’s visual-art program, had convened “Regarding Evil,” bringing together a … READ ON


Harvard Bard

Stephen Prina's “Retrospection Under Duress, Reprise”

December 2004 CAMBRIDGE

“If you’re talking about it, you’re probably not doing it.” Maybe Stephen Prina had this caution in mind when he opted not only to open his exhibition at Harvard’s Carpenter Center with a screening and performance, but to schedule the event… READ ON


Boris Mikhailov

December 2004

The twenty-six photographic series that Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov made between the late 1960s and 2002 (all but three of which are represented in this exhibition) include several varieties of homemade antidote to official Soviet… READ ON

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