Laura Preston

“Pictures, Before and After – An Exhibition for Douglas Crimp”

Galerie Buchholz | Berlin

September 2014

“Pictures,” the first exhibition at Artists Space organized by an outside curator, instituted a paradigmatic shift in the late 1970s critical conception of image construction as influenced by film, photography, and developments in broadcasted… READ ON


“Unedited History: Iran 1960–2014”

Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (MaM)

July 2014

The curators of “Unedited History: Iran 1960–2014” claim “not to construct a definitive history but to recreate the major social and political ‘sequences’ that shaped the country’s visual culture between the 1960s and the present day.” The … READ ON


David Douard

Palais de Tokyo

March 2014

Parisian David Douard’s latest exhibition, “Mo’ swallow,” is a contemporary fable that through meme and repeated riffs spatializes the power of language to constitute worlds. Referring to the circulating identity of hip-hop as speech, prose,… READ ON