Lauren O’Neill-Butler

Edgar Heap of Birds

Edgar Heap of Birds discusses Genocide and Democracy

April 2017

For over forty years, Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds has produced works that antagonize indigenous oppression and foreground his Cheyenne heritage. In recent monoprints, Heap of Birds merges political songs and anthems with his own … READ ON


“Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965”

Grey Art Gallery

February 2017

A few of the artist co-ops and alternative spaces featured in this show have recently gained some art-historical due—via, for instance, the Blanton Museum’s exhibition on the Park Place Gallery and the Birmingham Museum’s survey of the Spiral… READ ON


Carolee Schneemann

February 2017

What does an enduring commitment to feminist antiwar resistance look like? For more than five decades, Carolee Schneemann has underwritten her art with a desire to understand and observe. From Viet-Flakes, 1965, and Snows, 1967, which protested… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2017 [TOC]

“Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter”

MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art

November 2016

This necessary exhibition presents architectural and design responses to an increasingly precarious but basic human right—shelter—in our era of mass crisis, emergency, urgency, and hopelessness. The show begins with the immense issue of … READ ON


Bas Jan Ader

October 2016

Vito Acconci followed people on New York City streets and Bas Jan Ader fell off the roof of his house in Claremont, California—all in the name of art. This past summer offered the opportunity to compare the divergent flavors of Conceptual … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2016 [TOC]

Phil Collins

The Met | Metropolitan Museum of Art

September 2016

At least three exhibitions on view this fall on the Upper East Side telegraph, in divergent ways, historical instances of statelessness. These include Zoe Leonard’s affecting pictures at Hauser & Wirth, incorporating aged snapshots of her … READ ON


James T. Hong

James T. Hong talks about his work in the Taipei Biennial

September 2016

James T. Hong is a filmmaker and artist based in Taiwan. His performance and installation Nietzsche Reincarnated as a Chinese Woman and Their Shared Lives, 2016, is featured in the tenth edition of the Taipei Biennial, “Gestures and Archives… READ ON


Donna J. Haraway

Donna J. Haraway speaks about her latest book

September 2016

From her classic Cyborg Manifesto, first published three decades ago, to her latest arguments about the “Chthulucene,” multispecies feminist theorist Donna J. Haraway is one of our most daring thinkers. A distinguished professor emerita in … READ ON


Ways of Being

Lauren O’Neill-Butler on The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger

August 2016

A SKETCHY INK DRAWING of “Tilda” stands out among other portraits of friends in Bento’s Sketchbook (2011), a Spinoza-inspired tome by the charismatic English critic and artist John Berger. Legend has it that the excommunicated philosopher—and… READ ON


Future Tense

July 2016

Feelings aren’t facts in Anohni’s debut solo album Hopelessness (2016)—but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Her eleven new songs speak frankly from the heart and lay a rhythm for direct action. Creating friction with upbeat electronic tempos… READ ON