Leslie Moody Castro

Mario García Torres

Museo Tamayo

April 2016

Mario García Torres’s exhibition “Caminar Juntos” (Let’s Walk Together) is held at four different locations across Mexico City but all within the parameters of the artist’s Museo de Arte Sacramento, a “museum without walls” in the state of … READ ON


Margaret Meehan

David Shelton Gallery

October 2015

“Every Witch Way but Loose” is a complex show in which Margaret Meehan takes on a variety of sources and images—from cinema, music, feminist activism and suffrage to Nancy Sinatra’s iconic 1966 song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”—to … READ ON


“A Room of One’s Own”

Laboratorio Arte Alameda

August 2015

“A Room of One’s Own” offers three site-specific video works, by artists Melanie Smith, Katri Walker, and Jaki Irvine in order to explore postcolonial Mexico through the moving image while exposing the antiquated gender divides inherent to … READ ON


Alejandro Diaz

Linda Pace Foundation

July 2015

“It Takes a Village,” Alejandro Diaz’s latest solo exhibition, pulls together a seemingly disparate variety of references from Minimalism, Conceptualism, Abstract Expressionism, and even British Pop to unapologetically expose the reality of… READ ON


Border Lines

The 1st Bienal de las Fronteras in Matamoros, Mexico


IT’S A RARE DAY that the small city of Matamoros, Mexico, receives international attention in the world of contemporary art. Matamoros sits on the exact opposite side of the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, a growing town on the southernmost… READ ON


Daniel Monroy Cuevas


March 2015

“Espectador en el vacio” (Spectator in the Void) is a highly technical, minimal, and potentially difficult exhibition to grasp. This, however, is just what artist Daniel Monroy Cuevas intended, and from the title, it’s clear the audience will… READ ON



Museo Universitario del Chopo

February 2015

Writing is not an innocent act; it carries weight that can be both aesthetic and confrontational. “Transcripciones” at Museo el Chopo draws from the writings of the prolific Salvador Elizondo, well known in twentieth-century Mexico for his … READ ON


Borderland Collective

Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

February 2015

Any exhibition that takes its starting point from the long and complex history between the United States and Central America is destined to be a difficult one. Borderland Collective, led by artists Jason Reed and Mark Menjivar and art historian… READ ON


Kate Newby


August 2014

Kate Newby’s latest solo exhibition features a modest and contemplative sculptural installation that playfully exploits the conventions of the physical gallery and extends her ongoing investigation of linking different spaces in nuanced ways.… READ ON


Theo Michael

Galeria OMR

June 2014

Made of sensitive materials such as tape, cardboard, and clay, the majority of the work in Theo Michael’s latest solo exhibition, “Reptile Dialectics,” will not survive for posterity. However, this extinction allows for opportunities unique… READ ON