Lilly Lampe

Louis Zoellar Bickett

Andrew Edlin Gallery

March 2017

Recent exhibitions around the AIDS crisis have been critiqued as too focused on how art scenes were affected in major cities—how refreshing, then, to see an exhibition that hones in on a singular, rural experience. Louis Zoellar Bickett’s … READ ON


Bethany Collins

Richard Gray Gallery | Chicago

October 2015

In Bethany Collins’s subtle, elegant works on paper, the act of erasing leaves indexical marks like scars. Take Skin, 1968, 2015, a triptych in which a dictionary definition of the word is inscribed thrice and then rubbed out, leaving a … READ ON


John Riepenhoff

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

October 2015

There’s a knowing humor to this solo exhibition, which features more work by others than by the artist himself. Though plein-air paintings of the night sky by John Riepenhoff line two side walls, the center, and the majority of the space, is… READ ON


“After Utopia: Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art”

Singapore Art Museum

August 2015

All around Singapore this summer, signs announce the fiftieth anniversary of the city-state’s independence and, implicitly, celebrate the accomplishments of a financial center known for continually reconstructing itself. Inside the Singapore… READ ON


Alex Kvares

Mulherin + Pollard

January 2014

Alex Kvares creates drawings whose delicate pencil strokes and ebullient colors belie the depraved scenes they depict. His representational works examine the slippery status of legacy, particularly of male political figures as he depicts them… READ ON


“New Jersey as Non-Site”

Princeton University Art Museum

December 2013

The public’s perception of Land art is ruled by individual sites: a grid of steel poles in New Mexico, a curl of earth in a salt lake in Utah, saffron gates in Central Park, and so on. This exhibition, curated by Kelly Baum, successfully … READ ON


Andy Moon Wilson

Get This! Gallery

April 2013

Andy Moon Wilson’s newest drawings are complex geometric designs that transfix the eye with depictions of the future. The twenty-two untitled works on paper in this exhibition, all roughly ten inches square, feature a diverse array of forms… READ ON


“Paper Moon”

Kennesaw State University, Museum & Galleries

November 2012

“Paper Moon,” currently on view at Kennesaw State University’s Clayton Gallery, showcases artworks consisting of objects replicated to create new utility, to fulfill a fetish, or to cope with trauma. The title references the Depression-era … READ ON


Nikita Gale


September 2012

Violence simmers beneath the surface of Nikita Gale’s latest exhibition, “1961.” Trained as an archaeologist, Gale here conducts a visual excavation of the titular year by juxtaposing mug shots of Civil Rights activists the Freedom Riders (… READ ON