Linda Yablonsky

Dog Days

Paris before FIAC

October 2017 PARIS

IT WAS THE WEEK BEFORE FIAC and tout de Paris was calm. Without much fanfare—but in the presence of the Instagramming French president Emmanuel Macron—the Picasso Museum took the lead by opening “Picasso 1932: An Erotic Year.” Imagine Donald… READ ON


Deep Frieze

The 15th Frieze Art Fair

October 2017 LONDON

THE GREAT GIFT Frieze London bestowed on art aficionados this year was to propel them into galleries and museums.  Not that Frieze itself didn’t offer benefits. Female artists were notable for their quantity and, in the case of a special … READ ON


American Pie

Linda Yablonsky in London before the 15th Frieze Art Fair

October 2017 LONDON

BREXIT OR NOT, London has thrown open its arms to American artists in what may be their biggest embrace since Pop.  On the cusp of the current Frieze Week, the Royal Academy featured Jasper Johns, and the Serpentine Gallery had a show by the… READ ON


Peake Performance

The 7th Volcano Extravaganza in Stromboli


VESUVIUS WAS OFF-LIMITS.  Rival factions of the Camorra, the crime syndicate that rules sanitation and trade in the Gulf of Naples, had set waste dumps on the slopes ablaze and the town was heating up, in more ways than one. It wasn’t just … READ ON


Greek to Me

Athens and Hydra


IN SOME PLACES, the art bubble can be benevolent—say, in Greece, the birthplace of democratic ideals.  Remember ideals?  If the country is in crisis politically, its art world is thriving. Or so it seemed when the plane landed in Athens during… READ ON


Making History

The 48th edition of Art Basel

June 2017 BASEL

THE REVIEWS ARE IN.  “Our most successful ever.”  “Exceptional.”  “One of the most upbeat fairs I can remember!”  That’s pretty much the consensus—from dealers—on the forty-eighth edition of Art Basel.  Now that it’s over we can say that … READ ON


World Clique

The 57th Venice Biennale

May 2017 VENICE

THE VENICE ART BIENNALE is never just an assembly of national exhibitions competing for prominence and prizes. It’s a summit meeting marshaling the collective conscience of the art world.  One could sense it build during the preopening events… READ ON


Mirror Mirror

Jeff Koons and the LA MoCA gala


LAST WEEK, the Santa Ana winds came in hot and blustery across Los Angeles just as Jeff Koons hit town. Their convergence cannot have been a coincidence. An artist who staked his career on inflatables would naturally be on equal terms with … READ ON


London Bridges

Linda Yablonky at Ashley Bickerton’s first UK retrospective

April 2017 LONDON

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER when the social fabric of contemporary art had just a few threads, nearly all sewn in New York? When the same handful of people showed up for every opening at the few galleries worthy of the name? When everyone knew … READ ON


Spread the Love

The opening of the 78th Whitney Biennial

March 2017 NEW YORK

DESPITE AN AGGRESSIVE ATTACK on the arts from the current White House, our museums remain sanctuaries of civilization. Wednesday night’s opening of the Whitney Biennial proved that. Unexpectedly, it also unfolded as a model of democracy—and… READ ON