Lori Waxman

Jason Lazarus

January 2013

“As this display of new and recent work should clarify, Jason Lazarus is not a photographer in any conventional sense.”… READ ON


Lilly McElroy

March 2011

“2009 Was A Rough Year”—that’s both the title of Lilly McElroy’s recent exhibition at Thomas Robertello Gallery and a statement of fact. It was indeed a rough year. The stock market crashed. The housing bubble burst. Countless retirement … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2011 [TOC]

Ben Russell

December 2010

Ben Russell picked a fine word when he chose trip as the lexicographical genesis of “Trypps,” the experimental film series he’s been producing since 2005. Though idiosyncratic, the name serves as a catchall for every kind of trip in the … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2010 [TOC]

Clare E. Rojas

October 2009

Welcome to the world of Clare E. Rojas, where bunnies with bloodshot eyes sniff flowers, swans sport red stripes, blood runs from ladies’ mouths to the sky, and men brandish flowers like clubs. Spin whatever tales you wish to explain these … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2009 [TOC]

Justin Cooper

May 2009

A wheelbarrow balancing on a seashell, giant plastic leis whirling in loops of color, folding chairs and garden hoses flying through the air—it’s a party all right, but frozen in place.  Such is the paradoxically festive yet static atmosphere… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2009 [TOC]

“Portraying Food (and the Absence of It)”

June 2008

The common denominator in this multigenerational exhibition of five Chinese artists, curated by Wu Hung, might be food, but there is nothing to eat, much less whet the appetite. On the contrary, the artists make the edible at once banal and… READ ON


Shannon Stratton

April 2008

Empty brown paper bags, ragged Chinese parasols, popped champagne corks, dirty rubber duckies, vintage school ties, full diaries, and worthless Starbucks gift cards do not a pretty picture make. Shannon Stratton, however, has something of a… READ ON


Kendell Carter

April 2008

In “Common Ground,” Kendell Carter pushes the conflation of high art, the decorative, and youth culture to its ludicrous if logical conclusion. The resulting display of hip-hop home furnishings and coordinating wall art is both one-liner and… READ ON


William Cordova

April 2008

The title of William Cordova’s exhibition at ThreeWalls, “the house that frank lloyd wright built for atahualpa, fred hampton y mark clark,” was the first clue that I might lack the knowledge necessary to recognize the artist’s varied … READ ON

IN PRINT April 2008 [TOC]

Caroline Picard

February 2008

Artist Caroline Picard is something of a local enigma: By day, she runs the Green Lantern Gallery & Press; by night, she writes endless, loopy novels, doodles awkward comix, and fashions fabulously hued assemblages from cut paper and gouache.… READ ON