Lumi Tan

Diane Simpson


November 2013

Though Diane Simpson’s work has been frequently exhibited in her hometown of Chicago, her last solo exhibition in New York was more than thirty years ago. Her debut at this gallery—which presents an acute selection of sculptures made between… READ ON


Will Rogan

Laurel Gitlen

September 2013

Will Rogan’s latest work does not stray far from the explorations of time’s passage that he has successfully displayed in previous exhibitions at Laurel Gitlen. Yet, the gallery’s new expanded space allows the artist to spread out and thus … READ ON


Lorraine O’Grady

Alexander Gray Associates

May 2012

The centerpiece of Lorraine O’Grady’s exhibition “New Worlds” is Landscape (Western Hemisphere), 2011, a video that leads the viewer to initially believe its nineteen minutes of black-and-white footage depict something akin to a thicket … READ ON


Corin Hewitt

December 2011

On entering Corin Hewitt’s first solo show at Laurel Gitlen, the viewer is confronted by five cast dirt screens. It soon becomes clear that these works are part of a double act; each of the chromatic and texturally uniform screens is a deadpan… READ ON


Van Hanos

May 2011

There is an easiness to Van Hanos’s latest exhibition, which comprises eleven twenty-by-twenty-four inch paintings; the pacing of the show, dimensions of the work, and domestic scale of the gallery relay a deliberately slow rhythm. Each canvas… READ ON


Sascha Braunig

April 2011

The nine portraits that make up Sascha Braunig’s first solo exhibition are small but electric. Each painting holds its subject captive in unyielding patterns of intense colors, often with unsettling modifications of presumably human, and … READ ON


David Horvitz

David Horvitz talks about “Public Access”

March 2011

David Horvitz has made books, photographs, posters, and websites, which have been exhibited and shared internationally. His collaboration with poet Zach Houston and writer Ed Steck for the exhibition “As Yet Untitled: Artists & Writers in … READ ON


Talking Trash

Rita Ackermann and Harmony Korine at the Swiss Institute

November 2010 NEW YORK

TRYING TO SQUEEZE into an elevator next to a bone-thin, mangy white dog right out of the landscape of Julien Donkey Boy seemed utterly apropos in anticipation of “Shadow Fux,” the first collaborative exhibition by New York downtown staples … READ ON


Guest Host


March 2010 PARIS

AFTER AN UNUSUALLY LONG, cold winter, spring finally made its way to Paris last week, attended by a much needed injection of energy and an optimism that is rare among the city’s typically unimpressed inhabitants. On Wednesday afternoon, a … READ ON


Manon de Boer

March 2010

Following Manon de Boer’s examination of silence and memory in 2008’s Two Times 4'33“—a performance of John Cage’s 4'33” presented with and without recorded sound—the 16-mm film Dissonant, 2010, the centerpiece of this exhibition, is a similar… READ ON