Lumi Tan

Marijn van Kreij

September 2009

Marijn van Kreij’s solo debut in London is crowded with phrases, lyrics, and images, which are multiplied in each work to demonstrate a persistence of repetition. The exhibition’s title, “The Passenger,” is borrowed from Iggy Pop’s eminently… READ ON


“The Actuality of the Idea”

April 2009

A traceable evolution of tempered restraint is apparent in this multigenerational group exhibition: The oldest works are drawings that share a sense of moderation with several recent sculptures, despite the distinct physicality of the latter.… READ ON


Jennifer Cohen and Vlatka Horvat

November 2008

Broken, concealed, and reconfigured bodies take on many forms in the work of Jennifer Cohen and Vlatka Horvat. Cohen’s elegant, geometric constructions of cement, wood, and clay are flecked with metallic details of glitter and bronze, juxtaposed… READ ON


“Union Square”

July 2008

In anticipation of a possible move to the contemporary art no-man’s-land of Union Square, gallery owners Kelly Taxter and Pascal Spengemann stage a swan song in their Chelsea town house, as well as an ode to the promise of a fresh start in … READ ON


Simon Dybbroe Møller and Bernd Ribbeck

June 2008

Simon Dybbroe Møller’s nuanced mixed-media work engages with the formal ideas ingrained in Bernd Ribbeck’s intimately scaled abstract paintings, and, in this satisfying dialogue, Møller’s art shapes the environment that Ribbeck’s inhabits. … READ ON