Marcela Quiroz

Pablo Vargas Lugo

June 2017

Pablo Vargas Lugo Pablo Vargas Lugo’s recent exhibition “Ovipositor” surprisingly paralleled, whether intentionally or not, certain concepts integral to the poststructuralist thought of Jacques Derrida—dissemination and fertility, nakedness… READ ON

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Ximena Garrido-Lecca

Sala de Arte Público | Proyecto Siqueiros (SAPS)

April 2017

For her latest exhibition, Peruvian artist Ximena Garrido-Lecca has turned the gallery into a botany lab. A wooden structure that climbs up three walls like bleachers supports bean plants (grown and nurtured for five months) and an irrigation… READ ON


Miguel Fernández de Castro

January 2017

An inexplicable insecurity; an empty uncertainty; a strange, ineffable sensation resembling desire—these were the responses triggered in those who entered “NEGRO, NEGRO” (Black, Black), the most recent solo exhibition by Miguel Fernández de… READ ON

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Miguel Fernández de Castro

December 2015

Jales (from the Nahuatl word halli, which means “earth”) is the term geologists and mining engineers use to refer to the piles of stones resulting from the explosions used to begin excavation on a mine. For the past three years, Miguel … READ ON

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Tony Orrico

September 2015

Tony Orrico’s work is an exploration of the infinite and finite dimensions that inhabit our body—both its maximum potentials and its frail and perishable reality. His performative drawings are configured by countless graphite traces. This … READ ON

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Vida Yovanovich

Laboratorio Arte Alameda

August 2014

In Vida Yovanovich’s latest exhibition, “Grita en silencio/Memoria que se borra” (Shout in Silence/Memory That Vanishes), eight video-and-sound installations deal with the atrocious fate of the victims at Mauthausen, one of the deadliest … READ ON


Jorge Macchi

May 2014

One of the first works I ever encountered by Jorge Macchi was Vidas Paralelas (Parallel Lives), 1998, in which two rectangular pieces of glass with almost identical patterns of cracks are placed next to one another on a simple white platform.… READ ON

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“A Place in Two Dimensions”

Jumex Foundation

February 2014

For “A Place in Two Dimensions”—the inaugural exhibition at the institution’s new space—Patrick Charpenel has juxtaposed fifty works from the collection of Eugenio López Alonso with eight works by Fred Sandback. The topics that run through … READ ON


Luis Felipe Ortega

Marso Galería de Arte Contemporáneo

July 2013

Anyone who’s spent time with Luis Felipe Ortega’s videos knows that behind his images lie fragmented, intimate stories imbued with a complex sense of extended spatial time. Poet Tomás Segovia might have described that sense already: “Nothing,… READ ON


Laura Lima

May 2013

Homem=carne/Mulher=carne—Puxador Paisagem (Man=Flesh/ Woman=Flesh—Landscape Puller), 1999/2013, an installation/performance by Brazilian artist Laura Lima, was recently shown at the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporâneo. It incorporated… READ ON

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